Remove and Reset Dell BIOS Password

dell bios password reset

You can reset a Dell BIOS password, and is easy in most models. A BIOS password is a password that can be set within the BIOS to prevent a computer from booting to the hard drive. This is different from a Windows log-in password. Typically, a system will not have a BIOS password enabled, unless you go into the setup and apply one. The advantages of a BIOS password is that it essentially disables the entire computer, wherein a user might be able to boot to a CD or USB drive otherwise.

How To Reset Dell BIOS Password

To reset the BIOS password on a Dell, you must first shut down the computer, turn it on its side on a flat surface, then remove the side panel. You should discharge any static you might be carrying by touching the bare metal surface of the case, then unplug the computer.

The jumper pins to reset Dell BIOS password will usually be located near the CMOS battery–a nickle-sized battery on the motherboard. There should be two sets of jumpers near each other. One will be the CMOS jumper and the other will be the password (PWRD) jumper. Each will have three pins. Locate the password jumper and find the plastic clip that is covering pins 2 and 3. Remove the clip and move it to pins 1 and 2. Let it sit there for a couple of minutes, then move it back to pins 2and 3.

Replace the cover, plug it back in and boot the PC. It should now boot without a BIOS password.

Reset Dell BIOS Password Resolution

If you still can’t reset Dell BIOS password on your Dimension or Dell Latitude computer, be sure to contact Dell support directly or visit our computer repair forums and we’ll help. The best information regarding how to reset Dell BIOS password will definitely be located in the Dell manual for your specific model. Read our other Dell computer repair articles for additional help.

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