There are several Dell system recovery options and the most common is using Dell DataSafe Restore. Newer Dell computers, such as the Dell Inspiron 580, will have the DataSafe Local Backup Option in addition to the the tradition method of restoring from an image located in a system recovery disk. Use the following methods to create recovery media and restore it in the event your Dell PC no longer boots.

Create Media For A Dell System Recovery

You can create recovery media using the DataSafe Local Backup utility. You can use either DVDs or a USB stick with 8GB or more of space to create your Dell DataSafe Restore media. The system recovery media can be used to restore your Dell to the condition it was on a previous date without having to worry about the loss of data. To create the System Recovery media, turn on the computer and let it boot up. Insert the blank DVD (cannot be a re-writable disk) or USB stick and then go to Start>Programs>Dell DataSafe Local Backup and then click the Create Recovery Media option.

Dell System Recovery

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the creation of the Dell DataSafe Restore media. Once done, store the media in a safe place for future use.

Dell DataSafe Restore Or System Restore

You have several options to get your Dell back up and running again. Try the following in order, as they are organized as easiest to hardest:

System Restore – A system restore is a feature built into Windows that allows you to go back to a previous state in the event a system file or hardware driver has been damaged. To perform a System Restore, go to Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore.

windows system restore

Click through the restore options and go back to a date when you know the computer was working properly. Your personal data should be safe using this method.

Dell DataSafe Local Backup – You can use this method if the System Restore does not work properly. You will need the USB key or DVD you created from the instructions above. Restart the computer. When you see the Dell logo, tap the F8 key until you access the Advanced Boot Options. Select Repair Your Computer from the list. Next, select Dell DataSafe Restore and Emergency Backup from the System recovery Options and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the recovery process.

System System Recovery Media – Use this method to perform a System Recovery in the event you cannot boot into Windows or if you have replaced your hard drive. To use the System Recovery Media you created above, put the USB stick or DVD into the computer and restart the machine. As the machine begins to boot, tap the F12. Select the boot device (either the USB or DVD) and then follow the instructions to perform recovery using the media you created.

Dell Factory Image Restore – This final method will destroy any data or programs you have added since you bought the computer. If you are still able to backup, backup any important photos, documents or other data before attempting this process. When ready, reboot and tap F8 until you see the Advanced Boot Options.

repair your computer

Select Repair Your Computer.

dell factory image restore

Select Dell Factory Image Restore. The image resides on a separate partition of your Dell’s hard drive. When the factory image restore has completed, your Dell will be the same as it was when you brought it home.

As you can see there are several Dell System Recovery options; some are easy, some are drastic. Choose the one that is best for you. Be sure to create the recovery media as soon as you can and always perform routine backups of your important data. If you have questions about Dell DataSafe Restore or other Dell system recovery options, please refer to our other Dell tutorials.