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enable dreamscene activator

Desktops are boring. Maybe that’s why Microsoft decided to go with the whole Metro tile vibe with Windows 8. But you can breathe new life into your desktop by creating a moving background instead of a static image of kitty cats or bunnies. You have a widescreen monitor, put it to good use using DreamScene Activator for the PC or Mach Desktop for the Mac.

Moving Desktop Background For Your PC

To get moving desktop backgrounds on your Windows PC, you can download the free program DreamScene Activator. Windows DreamScene was one of the few great features in Windows Vista, which allowed you to set videos as desktop wallpapers. It was removed in Windows 7, but you can get it back by installing Windows 7 Dreamscene Activator.

After downloading and extracting the files, right-click Windows 7 DreamScene Activator and choose “Run as administrator”.

enable dreamscene activator

To enable the program, just click the Enable DreamScene button. To use DreamScene just right-click on any video file and choose “Set as background” just as you would set a static image as your background wallpaper. Go back to your desktop and you should see the video playing. If not, confirm the video you are trying to use is in either the .wmv or .mpg format.

Moving Desktop Background For Your Mac

To get moving desktop images on the Mac you will need to download Mach Desktop (currently $3.99 from the Mac App Store). Mach Desktop comes with numerous 1080p videos. You can even browse to a movie you have on your desktop and it will use that. Mach Desktop uses Quartz Compositions, Quicktime Movies, or Web pages and comes with over 30 Quartz Compositions and around 20 beautiful Quicktime movies. These movies include waterfalls, fireplaces, aquariums, 3d particle systems, and more. It also includes historic landmarks like the Great Pyramids, the Roman Colosseum, the Athens and the Acropolis.

– View Quartz compositions, Quicktime movies, and Web pages as your wallpaper
– Add Desklets to you Desktop, each with fully customizable font face, size, style and background colors
– Full multi monitor support
– Fully customize each media type
– Easily turn Mach Desktop on or off from the menu bar
– Over 30 Quartz compositions and nearly 20 Quicktime movies included

To install, search for Mach Desktop in App Store located on your dock or visit the Mach Desktop page.

An icon will appear in the upper right corner of your screen near your clock. Click the icon to expose a drop-down menu that will allow you to edit the Preferences.

mach desktop preferences

If you want to use a Quicktime movie as your moving desktop background, click on the Quicktime Movie option, and then select the Quicktime icon.

mach desktop quicktime menu

Simply select the movie you want to play and close the window. If you do not find any in the drop-down menu that you like, click on Custom Movie file and browse to a movie you have stored on your desktop. The movie should be playing as your desktop background. If you don’t want to use a movie as your desktop, select the Web Page icon to display your favorite website right on your desktop.

Moving Desktops Conclusion

These work great for subtle movement. You might not want anything too busy or distracting. A beach scene with swaying palm trees, a field of grass moving in a breeze, or an aquarium with fish doing what they do is a great way to add just a little excitement to your desktop. If you use any of these, let us know what moving desktop backgrounds you like.

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