Create eMachines Recovery Disk

You can easily create an eMachines recovery disk to restore your eMachines computer back to factory default condition. Like most computers from major brand name manufacturers, eMachines no longer sends recovery disks with your computer, and an eMachines recovery disk download isn’t possible. They leave the creation of this recovery media to the end-user. Unfortunately, many users do not perform this chore and eventually find themselves in a position where they cannot recover their system in the event of an emergency.

Create eMachines Recovery Disk

To create your eMachines recovery disk, you’ll need a blank DVD (if you have a DVD burner) or several blank CDs. You should make these disks as soon as possible after getting your new computer. To begin creating your eMachines recovery disks, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Start, then All Programs.
  2. Click the eMachines link, then select eMachines Recovery Management to launch the application.
  3. Click on the Create Factory Default Disk.
  4. The backup disk program will then tell you how many disks it will take to make a complete set of recovery disks. Make sure you have everything you need before you proceed.
  5. Insert the first blank disk and then click Start.
  6. The eMachines Recovery Management program will begin creating your disks.
  7. The disk will eject when complete. If you are required to insert another the program will tell you to insert the next disk. Otherwise, it will state the job is finished.
    emachines recovery disk
  8. You will then be able to create a Drivers and Applications disk. Follow the same steps you did when creating the recovery disks. The Drivers and Application disk is important to make sure all of the factory software and hardware drivers software are installed when you reformat your computer.eMachines Recovery Disk

eMachines Recovery Disk Conclusion

You now have an eMachines Recovery Disk, complete with the Windows Operating System and a set of hardware drivers specific to your eMachines computer. Be sure to put those disks in protective sleeves and store them in a safe place. Also, make sure you number the disks if there are more than one.


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