Create eMachines Recovery Disk

emachines recovery disk creating

You can easily create an eMachines recovery disk to restore your eMachines computer back to factory default condition. Like most computers from major brand name manufacturers, eMachines no longer sends recovery disks with your computer, and an eMachines recovery disk download isn’t possible. They leave the creation of this recovery media to the end-user. Unfortunately, many users do not perform this chore and eventually find themselves in a position where they cannot recover their system in the event of an emergency.

Create eMachines Recovery Disk

To create your eMachines recovery disk, you’ll need a blank DVD (if you have a DVD burner) or several blank CDs. You should make these disks as soon as possible after getting your new computer. To begin creating your eMachines recovery disks, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Start, then All Programs.
  2. Click the eMachines link, then select eMachines Recovery Management to launch the application.
  3. Click on the Create Factory Default Disk.
  4. The backup disk program will then tell you how many disks it will take to make a complete set of recovery disks. Make sure you have everything you need before you proceed.
  5. Insert the first blank disk and then click Start.
  6. The eMachines Recovery Management program will begin creating your disks.
  7. The disk will eject when complete. If you are required to insert another the program will tell you to insert the next disk. Otherwise, it will state the job is finished.
    emachines recovery disk
  8. You will then be able to create a Drivers and Applications disk. Follow the same steps you did when creating the recovery disks. The Drivers and Application disk is important to make sure all of the factory software and hardware drivers software are installed when you reformat your computer.eMachines Recovery Disk

eMachines Recovery Disk Conclusion

You now have an eMachines Recovery Disk, complete with the Windows Operating System and a set of hardware drivers specific to your eMachines computer. Be sure to put those disks in protective sleeves and store them in a safe place. Also, make sure you number the disks if there are more than one.

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  1. I just tried the eMachines recovery Management software on a EL1352-23e just purchased. Its appears that only DVD -R disks may be used. DVD +R does not work. DVD -RW does work but eMachine tech support said not to use.

    1. DVD-R’s are generally more supported. Some older HPs require DVD+Rs, but they will let you know beforehand and will refuse to burn to DVD-R. Other than that, go with DVD-R if not otherwise told to, that is, unless you have a bunch of DVD+R you don’t care about and want to use up. Be prepared for them to fail. It was a mistake for Emachines to not indicate that DVD-R is preferred.

    1. Technically, the product key on the side of your computer is not the same as the product key included with the factory-installed operating system and recovery media. Neither Microsoft nor the OEMs supports the use of the sticker on the side of the machine. It is put there for legal purposes as proof of ownership, and it is legal for you to use, however.

      Unfortunately, while product key recovery tools will detect the OEM product key, you will not be able to use it. These product keys are installed en masse via group licensing and retail Windows media will not accept them.

  2. Hi – just purchased an e-machine 2 weeks ago, last night the computer requested I set up the recovery discs. The first two went fine then the 3rd disc failed (I tried it two times) finally just shut down the pc…..have any idea what is going on with it?

      1. I have the recovery cd that came with emachine. Its worked before. Now trying to clear everything & restore to original. The cd rom will read other cd but not this one now all the sudden. How can I get it to run & restore to original? Thanks

        1. Try cleaning your DVDs with a drop of dish soap and water. Dry, remove any lint from the towel you dried it with, and re-try. Do not handle optical media with your fingers. Hold it only from the inside hole and on the outside rim.

    1. Multiple attempts at the same DVD and then a shutdown may indicate potential bad sectors on the hard drive. Download Seatools for DOS and then burn it to a CD and boot from it, then run a scan on your hard drive to rule out this type of hardware error. Other than that, make sure your CDs are clean and scratch-free. Do not store blank spindled CDs in an area where they are disturbed, as this leads to scratching on the surfaces when the disks spin on top of each other. To clean a disk you’re not sure about, use a drop of dish soap and water. Dry, remove any lint from the towel you dried it with, and re-try. Do not handle optical media with your fingers. Hold it only from the inside hole and on the outside rim.

  3. I’ve an eMachines T3508 that runs very slowly for quite some time. I’ve tried restoration steps and presently am attempting recovery. I made recovery disc both dvd and cd. As I run the program with the dvd it ask for dvd 2, there isn’t one. Using cd’s, recovery progresses to 47% in about 20 min, then request cd 1 and restarts from the beginning. Can I complete the recovery another way?

    1. If there isn’t a second DVD then you either lost it, failed to burn it, or the program hiccuped during the recovery disk creation. Always label how many DVDs are in the total collection when you label disks, e.g. “Recovery DVD 1 of 3”. In your case you either need to buy new recovery media or install a clean version of Windows and activate it using the product key on the sticker on the side of the box.

  4. I have a W2247 E-Machine and lost my recovery disks in house fire and as you know this software came pre-installed.My compuiter wont bootup due to either a missing/corrupt \WINDOWS\system32\config\SYSTEM without a recovery disk im not able to go to the next screen to click on repair.Do you have any suggestions what i can do to fix this?Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Often, you can buy recovery disks for a small fee from the manufacturer. I would contact them. Or just buy a new version of Windows. If you have a Windows disk, you can always install Windows and get the drivers from the eMachines website.

  5. HI my name is Sandy love joy and I’m having a time with my e machines computer model # EL1200-07 W about a year ago it was starting to slow down and i ran the factory recovery feature which i love Any way, i ran it as usual rebooted the computer after i ran it this time all i got was the windows welcome with my name and my picture profile. and nothing else follow, just a blank screen In my stupidity, I put in a start up disc that i had to my old computer thinking it might work, i was ever wrong about that, it made the computer worst then it is. the CD wipe out the factory recovery partition completely. the computer sits in my computer room while I’m getting frustrated with the techs at emanchines tell me that the media recovery CDS that i need aren’t available because my computer isn’t under warranty . as of now i’m using the computer at the library. if you wondering why i didn’t make a backup cds at the time i couldn’t afford to buy the blank cds, Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated thank you.

    1. Sorry to hear that. In cases like yours I always recommend people go with a free Operating System called Ubuntu. It’s a version of Linux that looks almost just like Windows. If you can borrow a friend’s computer, you can download the .iso image and burn it to a dvd. Boot to the disk and run it live from the dvd or install it on the hard drive (recommended). It just doesn’t make sense for you to spend money on a new copy of Windows if Ubuntu works for you.

    2. You should be able to buy it from them, under warranty or not. I don’t know what’s going on there, that is, unless you are insisting on getting it for free. Aside from that, a solution would be to reference EXACTLY what version of Windows you had from the sticker on the side of the box. Go to Microsoft, download the .ISO evaluation version of that operating system, burn it to DVD, and install. Then, activate Windows using the product key on the sticker.

  6. I have an Emachines laptop and trying to install a windows update it went blank. That happened after it rebooted. I called the company and they tell me I need to run an Erecovery media. I guess that’s disk, but I don’t have. Is there any place I could buy one. Thanks

    1. If you’re looking to buy recovery disks, your first option should be eMachines. If this computer is only a few years old, it might even have a recovery partition. Was the screen blank when it rebooted? Do you see anything on the screen as it’s just starting up–before Windows loads? You might want to join our forum so we can spend some time troubleshooting with you.

      1. Hi, I have an emachine that won’t boot. it will take me to the e screen. Only option is F2 or F10. once it passes that screen, I receive boot off disk message, then it says F11 system recovery, or ctrl alt del and it takes me back to the e screen and restarts all over again. If I hit F11 in time, I am prompted to insert a CD. Please could you advise what CD I should put in? I do not have any recovery cds. and I need my computer to work by tomorrow. 🙁 Any suggestions or downloads from the internet that I can use to fix this probleM? thank you kindly.

        1. Sorry, no. The recovery CDs should have been created by you shortly after you bought the computer–the way these companies do it stinks, as most people do not make recovery disks–why should they have to? In the past, they would ship the disks with your computer, but not anymore.

  7. I’ve had my eMachine desktop with Windows 7 for about 3 years. No problems until it suddenly went to boot menu and stayed there and then flashed this message: Reboot and select proper Boot Device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key_

    I tried going into BIOS menu and making sure Hard Disk was priority option but it doesn’t seem to recognize the hard drive at all, I set default BIOS settings and rebooted. Same thing, I cannot even enter safe mode F8 by tapping repeatedly. I cannot even access partition. It always goes to boot menu and then the above message on a black screen. It doesn’t even read the DVD drive either. Any advice or should I replace hard drive? Not sure of model number and there were no recovery disks that came with it and I didn’t make any, which of course I should have. But I did back up to an external HD. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I’m concerned that it doesn’t recognize the DVD drive, either. Your controllers on the motherboard might have gone bad, otherwise I would have suggested replacing the hard drive. You should post this in our forums–registration is free-so others can help your troubleshoot.

  8. My computer is only a year and a half old, yesterday I came in turned it on it it has a black blank screen with SETUP IS STARTING SERVICESm and a box that has “Windows could not complete the installation, To install Windows on this computer, restart the installion” I have done this dozens of time now and nothing happens, how can I get my system up and running again.

    1. It just started reinstalling Windows all by itself? Were you previously having issues? Try unplugging external devices and reboot. If installation does not complete, I recommend joining our free forums and post the question there so others in our community can help. Good luck.

    2. Try Windows Startup Repair. If you can’t access it from the hard drive with the keyboard, try the recovery media. If the recovery media won’t let you do it, reference the exact version of the Operating System from the sticker on the side of the computer, download the evaluation version from Microsoft, burn it to DVD, and boot to Windows Startup Repair from there.

  9. When i try to make my back up disk I get a error message “Hard drive congiguration is no set set to factory default” now im pretty sure i got that FBI moneypack virus a few weeks back my boyfriend faut. I’ve tried my self to remove it using youtube help. But I cant not seem to restore my compter i always get some type of error and i’ve tried about 3 diffrent ways!!! Help please

  10. Hiya, i have an emachines E527 laptop, recently had a new screen fitted as other one was smashed. I got my laptop back it was working fine, went to use it next day and it keeps coming up with the “bluescreen” error? Isit to do with the new screen, how do i get it working again? Many thanks.

  11. ok, i have a big problem, i have a emahine laptop, i made recovery disc for but they did not work it said no operating system. found out the hard drive was fried, so i bought a new one, but recovery disc still do not work no operationg system… any answers other then buying another windows 7?

    1. Melody, you need to go into the BIOS setup (try tapping F2 or F12 when booting–look for a message at the very beginning that tells you which key). Once in the BIOS look for the Boot Sequence and choose your optical drive as the first device. F10 to save and exit. Now the PC will read the disks before it tries to read the hard drive and the recovery should begin. Good luck. Any other issues, join our free forums for more help.

  12. hello dave! can you help me because i have a lot of troubles with my computer computer don’t start because it is a table that writes re-image your computer.i don’t know what to do because i dont have the discs.i am waiting a response from u.thank u

  13. I deleted my recovery software from my e machine pc now my pc won’t load all the way up. How do i go on the internet and download a recovery disc so i can factory reset my computer?

  14. Hi Dave, I have an emachine EL1360G. I tried to restore it back to factory setting with reh eRecovery Management application and it failed. It stalled out and I got an error code = OX45d wimapply image cannot apply image, I/O device error. I then ordered the recovery discs from acer and they stall out at 31% complete. Please help.

  15. i have a emachine t5324 and its about 7-8 yrs old. its stupid slow so I want to wipe it clean. I did this 1 time before and it was successful but since then I lost the recovery discs. I still have the vista os disc tho. Is there anything I can do?

    1. Hi Travis. Not sure if that model emachine has a recovery partition or not. If so, try clicking on the Start menu and click All Programs. In the program list click the eMachines folder, and then click the eMachines eRecovery Management icon.

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