Email Large Files

Email is not the right medium for sending large emails for free. It’s just not efficient for a lot of reasons. Protocols such as FTP make better sense for long-term transfer of large files to people. However, if you have a one-time need to send a large file to someone, you do not what to worry about the stress and hassle of setting up an FTP site. In this instance, you want a service that allows sending large files free to anyone via email. There are several great options to choose from. These sites allow you to send large files without having to sign-up.

Email Large Files

Use these services to send large files without having to sign-up or pay for a plan:

TransferBigFiles allows you to send 100MB files for free.

MegaShares allows you to upload 10GBs of data and send a link for download in 550mb chunks.

LargeFilesASAP is a true email solution that allows you to send files up to 2GB. Very easy to use.

These services are great short-term solutions. They are free because all of them offer paid services that give you advance features. In general, email is slow and unreliable. You run the risk of your lareg file being blocked by the ISP or winding up in a SPAM folder that never reaches its destination.But these are great service as long as you know these things and follow up with the person you’re sending large files free to over email.

An alternate solution would be to setup a DropBox account and create a folder you can share with people. Send them the link in an email and they can easily access any large files you put into it.

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