Setup Gmail Priority Inbox

You can setup Gmail Priority Inbox to sort your mail based on its importance. Gmail claims it utilizes the same technology it uses to weed out the SPAM to help determine which of your emails are more important than others. It bases this on how often you read email from a particular person, how often you reply and whether or not you mark it with a star. This system seems like it would work great. But it does require a leap of faith–especially if you get more than a hundred pieces of email per day.

Once you activate Priority Inbox, Gmail begins sorting your email into three groups:

Important and Unread – Mail that it thinks are important based on your previous email activity.

Starred Mail – Mail you have specifically placed a gold start on.

Everything Else – Mail that might be unread, but also might be mail you will never read or will want to read later.

For all of this to work, you really must go through and do a massive clean-up of your inbox. Delete anything you know you will never read, Clear out your deleted and SPAM emails. Once you are as lean as you can be, activate the Priority Inbox. You will immediately want to go through the Everything Else section and prioritize all of the email you find important. As the days and weeks go by, you’ll want to continuously go through emails in all of the sections to make sure Gmail is sorting it properly. Eventually, Gmail will learn which mail you want prioritized and which email you want in the Everything Else area.

It’s a scary and inefficient way to read your email at first, but if you stick with it, you should soon realize it saves you time and helps to keep your Inbox under control.

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