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  2. Hi, it's me!!!

    for my storage, i need a bigger storage mainly for my hd movies, movies and music. all the components are from old junk i.e cpu E5450, p45 chipset motherboard, dddr2 ram still waiting for the hard disks though to complete the project and also havent decided on the OS. but most probably will be using openmediavault.
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  4. RAM question

    Thanks Bob, and hopefully the problem is now solved.
  5. Is some threads not for all.

    The Discussions section contains the forums Off Topic, Breaking Tech News and Survey should be able to see and post in there. Let me know if you cant.
  6. How to????

    Id probably run the BIOS update on this board especially if it is the same board we are talking about in the other thread that is having RAM issues. They have version 6701 from 2014 if that is newer than the version you have. See here:
  7. RAM question

    There is no way to take screenshots of the BIOS, you would have to use a camera or your phone.
  8. Just talking

    I know we covered this before but what is the exact model number of the USB wifi dongle?
  9. How to????

    No, not yet on the update to the BIOS. I don't usually buy a board that doesn't have at least 4GB RAM and processor and heat sink. But when I saw the F2A55-M LK Plus board for sale and I really like the F2A55-M LK board I already had I didn't pay attention to what I was doing and bought the board without RAM. Now I have to get at least 8 GB RAM as I am running W7 Pro x64 on both of my main computers. Once I get the RAM situation straightened out I am going to check on the BIOS update. The board sold for $75.00 with processor and heat sink and I just bought the board and didn't pay attention to the fact that no RAM came with the board.. Thanks.
  10. Is some threads not for all.

    Just wondered, just to mention it there is another one called "Greek Assignments". I am probably just missing it, but where is Discussions. Thanks
  11. Is some threads not for all.

    That was a mistake....I created a new security group for members and that OLD forums somehow got turned back on for that group. You should not even be able to see it now--it's turned off for everyone. We have another tech news section under Discussions. Thanks for pointing that out.
  12. Gaming PC Performance Issues FPS

    I would say those temps are definitely not helping the issue. Heat=Slow Not sure what you fan setup is, but I have four 120mm fans on my gaming rig. Two push in fresh air on one side two pull hot air out on the opposite side. Good luck, keep us posted.
  13. Hi, it's me!!!

    Hi Medan. Anxious to hear about the NAS system. What are you doing with it?
  14. Beeping sound on startup

    What is the make and model of your computer--or is it a custom build? Is everything running normally? Just beeping? Are you hooked up to a UPS battery backup? Could be an onboard sensor--maybe for heat? Honestly, do not know. If it is a sensor, you might be able to boot into the BIOS setup and see if there are any warning log files that were generated.
  15. Hello everyone, So for quite a while now I have had an issue with my pc while it start ups and for up to 3 minutes when it get to screen where it would make a weird sound like beeping, I recorded that sound today but unfortunately for the recording, and fortunate for me, there where only two beeping sounds on startup but it keeps doing them after a while too especially when launching games
  16. Is some threads not for all.

    I tried to open a thread named "Tech News" and was told I didn't have permission to view the thread. Are some threads not for all. Thanks.
  17. Hi, it's me!!!

    Hi my name is medan. this is my first post. Hopefully i can contribute something to this forum. In the midst of diy-ing my NAS system.
  18. Gaming PC Performance Issues FPS

    Okay so my cpu is running at a minimum of 99 degrees celcius after i did some testing. Its almost as if its always under max load. Im hoping the high temp is the reason for the stuttering and Im looking into replacing my old intel with a new ryzen 5 series cpu and a new motherboard. First, I will clean up the internals a bit and see if I can get the temp down at all.
  19. Just talking

    Yes, USB. And it has happened twice today where I had to reinstall the WiFi driver.
  20. RAM question

    Can you change it from Auto to Manual in the BIOS? No, it is one of the listing that is white and when I click on it it will not allow any changes.Is there any way to take a screen shot when in BIOS. If I could I would and show you what I mean by not being able to change some of the Dram voltage settings. And I went to the Kingston site and filled out a help request asking why the RAM won't work. I am interested to see what they say. Thanks.
  21. Last week
  22. RAM question

    Can you change it from Auto to Manual in the BIOS? I know when it is set to Auto you will not be able to make any changes. The Ai Tweaker might be where we have to strike. Ill see if I can find anything on it but I did PM you some Crucial RAM that when doing their RAM upgrader showed some 1.35V RAM as an option. I usually first recommend Kingston as I have had great success with them in the past. I wouldnt put the blame on Kingston for this as that board should run 1.35 and 1.5V RAM. Crucial would be a close second as far as RAM manufacturers go.
  23. Just talking

    I have only seen programs and driver software disappear after CCleaner, or a similar program, or a Windows Update and Windows deeming the software incompatible. Other than that, or I guess some manual deletion, I can't really think of anything that would mess with driver stuff. That wifi connector is a USB one right? Do you have that plugged into a USB hub? Not sure but running through possible scenarios here.....
  24. Did you spill something on this or are you just making a wild guess. Spilled liquid will do all kinds of crazy things so it is definitely a possibility if you know something was spilled on it. So are you saying if you operate it away from the keyboard base it works fine all the time?
  25. This is the PC in question, correct? Could be as simple as the Power Supply. You have to start by testing the PSUr and see that it is outputting the correct voltage. They make PSU testers that do this specifically but might be overkill if this will likely be the only PSU you will test. You can also test with a multimeter if you are semi-knowledgeable on how to use one. Simply Google PSU testing with multimeter and there are tons of tutorials. Or if you had a spare PSU you could just unplug the built in one and try testing with the spare. If it lights up, turns on, or spins fans then you know you need to replace the PSU.
  26. So you do have this working correctly now? That is great to hear. If it was something I mentioned you can always click the grey check mark circle on the post that helped. This will mark it as the "Best Answer" to your question. It will help others researching a similar issue to find the thing that helped you out in this scenario.
  27. Gaming PC Performance Issues FPS

    Yes, anything over 70C is starting to overheat. I'd look on ways to increase air flow--maybe add a fan to remove case heat, do some cable management to improve airflow. If that doesn't help, you may need to add new thermal paste.
  28. Which Sata Adaptor do I need?

    This USB 3 SATA adapter should work. It's for the small laptop drives. Good luck. It does not require power, aside from the USB 3 port.
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