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  2. I searched on Internet but seems this is weird problem. My Windows 10 box refuse to accept my password after recent update being installed. It is a local account but associated with a MS account.
  3. Transferring Text Messages to PC

    There are several backup options. do you need to view the backup file or not?
  4. Qt creator C++

    QT documentation is a good place to get started
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  7. Home automation can be easy if you plan ahead. There are several components to consider when planning your home automation scheme so you do not over-buy or purchase components that are incompatible with each other. You will first want to consider your long-term goals. Will you want simple home automation that just turns on lights […] The post Home Automation Made Easy With The Philips Hue Starter Kit appeared first on PCTechBytes. View the full article
  8. Do we know what may have happened to the laptop? Was there a liquid spill, drop, or other event that lead to the screen being dark?
  9. Yes I tested with an external monitor and it works fine. I'm gonna try to get a new ribbon and see if that fixes it. Any other suggestions? thank you
  10. Could be the LED Ribbon. They are relatively cheap to buy and easy to replace. Does it output fine to an external monitor?
  11. Laptop connectivity problem

    What browser are you using? Does it do the same thing if you plug it in hardwired?
  12. I have an older Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium that I'm trying to set up for my nephew. I have used this laptop before with no problems and now every time I open a browser it says that I am not connected to the internet even though it says that I am connected on my network and Wi-Fi is working fine. I cannot figure this out for the life of me.
  13. I have a Sony VAIO SVE14AE13U and I have no backlight. I try replacing the screen but the problem persisted. I know I have to get 3.3V on VLED and LED points in the screen. Im only getting LED = 3.3V VLED=0V.
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  15. Can you list the system hardware specs please? Can you remove the video card and use onboard video for testing?
  16. Router issue

    This is where you can download the firmware versions: Here is a youtube video on how to do it:
  17. Yeah I can get into BIOS, I sat on it and looked through all my settings for about 15 minutes last night. Just checked temps now System - 32C CPU - 33C Fan Speed - 1109 RPM The PC will boot into safe mode with no problems. Thanks
  18. High fan speed could mean heat issue. Usually, however, a PC will turn off if it gets too hot--not just reboot. Can you get into the BIOS and let it sit there for a while and see if it does the same thing? Also, see if the motherboard has a temp section so you can see the current temps inside the case. The computer isn't under strain, so the temps should be quite low in the BIOS.
  19. Router issue

    i PUSHED THE RESET BUTTON AND i AM NOT SURE HOW TO DO THE FLASH THE firmware and sorry about the caps there
  20. Boy did I get my rear end burned

    Dave, Bob, thanks, I was afraid of that. Oh well!!!!!!
  21. Hi all, I recently swapped my PC case for a new one and installed a new graphics card. My PC worked fine for 3 days. Then all of a sudden whenever it booted up it would get to the black screen just before the Windows login screen and then the fans would fire up to full speed and then it'd reboot. I decided to try and reset Windows but I think it's made it worse, as now it cannot finished the reinstall as it's constantly boot looping. Long post I know just tried to properly describe my problem. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  22. Boy did I get my rear end burned

    Clean install is the best method to be 100% sure as Dave says. You can try running the programs in my sig in that order to get most of the baddies. Do you still need a W98 disc/ISO?
  23. Router issue

    Yea your two best bets would be to factory reset it or try to flash the firmware. If you get nowhere with either method then it may be shot.
  24. Boy did I get my rear end burned

    I would definitely do a clean install. In a world of rootkits, you will never be 100 percent sure you are virus free unless you nuke it (and I would even flash the BIOS to be safe, but that is up to you).
  25. Needing advice on buying a router

    Newest wireless technology standard which simply means that devices that use it get faster speeds. Here's the wiki on it:
  26. Needing advice on buying a router

    What does ac wireless standard mean
  27. Router issue

    All the lights on the front of the router except for the wifi on and the power still light. I have a modem that I can connect to just fine which is how I am typing this right now
  28. I was trying to find a Windows 98 bootable ISO online and when I downloaded what was supposed to be that, well, what I got was not a Windows 98 iso. What I did get was oodles of Trojans, sypware etc. I ran MSE on my computer and it found 10 Trojans, yes ten. After deleting I ran Hitman Pro and, believe it or not, it found over 300 traces, about 80 of which were Trojans, yes Trojans. The other about 320 traces were a mixture of risk ware, spy ware with some tracking cookies. After deleting the traces I tried to reboot my computer and it would not boot. Something had messed up the MBR. I finally got the computer to boot from the Windows 7 disk and did a repair install and the computer would boot but all the "stuff" installed on the computer would open my browser and either try to install something, or direct me to a site. I spent over an hour yesterday going through system files finding the .dat, inf, installation, etc files installed and removing them. Then on reboot the computer still would not run right so I did a System Restore. Couldn't do a System Restore until whatever file[or whatever it was]had been removed. I don't know how long I spent with Revco Uninstaller getting things off the computer. But here is my question. When I booted today I had a browser open and try to install a program. I went into Revco and found a couple of programs I had uninstalled yesterday reinstalled. So if this continues is there a way to find what is reinstallilng the programs or am I now going to have to do a fresh install and go through the laborious task of reinstalling everything. I won't try to backup anything because I found files that I had to delete in a program I have had on my computer for a long time. I know I said I was through posting, but, when you get your butt kicked and don't know what to do about it you have to ask those that do. Thanks. Later: I have found some files that won't delete because it says they are open in System, open in another program, and to close the program and try again. But how am I to know what program they are open in and how to delete the file. Still later: Well, trying to fix the computer, and now the same thing happened to my second computer, I have found out that System Restore won't work, sfc /scannow won't work, and chkdsk won't work. When I try to run sfc /scannow I get a message that sfc can not run because of a recent software installation. On boot sfc tries to run and gets the same message. When I tried to run chkdsk when the computer boots chkdsk tries to run, quits and the computer boots. Now I have had virus', Trojans, etc, but I have never had anything do the number on my computer that this thing has done. Unless someone has a suggestion, I guess I am left with a clean install of both computers. Which I don't want to do because of the work of reinstalling everything I would have to install. Thanks.
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