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  2. I have Linux Mint Cinnamon 18.2 x64 installed on my computer with a VB running Windows 7 Pro x64. Yesterday when I installed the VB everything worked fine. Today when I opened the VB to download updates for Windows the VB will not connect to the wireless. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix the problem. Thanks.
  3. How to!

    Guys, I have installed Linux Mint Cinnamon 18.2 x64 on one of my computers. I could not get Virtual Box 5.2 to install and, after searching the web, it was suggested that I run the following command, "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y" to make sure the OS was up to date. I ran the command, then VB installed. But now the computer is very slow to open pages, site, and even load the home page. So here is my question. In Windows I can go into device manager and check to see if any device is working properly or not. Is there a way to do this in Linux. Also, is there a way to check, and correct if necessary, to see if hardware acceleration is working in Linux, if there is such a thing in Linux. I tell you, I really like Linux, and have improved a lot is using the OS, but this troubleshooting of Linux is kicking my butt. Thanks.
  4. I have to get back my email chat

    Assuming you are using a desktop. Also assuming you may have accidently deleted folder. Try looking at this Microsoft article

    I plan to buy this Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3 4GB 1866MHz RAM i'm not techie guy so i have no idea if its compatible in my motherboard, I want to upgrade my pc to gaming pc and i want it to look cool and fast so i added SSD already and now i'm upgrading the RAM.
  6. My version is next MS Outlook 2010. Almost every working hour we chatting with our angry boss. Today all the most important correspondence has disappeared from my unfortunate computer. We have to get all the data back in some days.
  7. Last week
  8. ok thanks a lot i think i will search for a new cable.
  9. Help my new pc wont boot

    haha yeah it's pretty awsome especially now that it's working :D
  10. Sorry about my late response to this, things with this HP have gotten more complex ( also every time I try to respond to this my Dell d630 decided the graphics card needs to mess up). Anyways, here goes nothing. My collage sent out an email for free computer repair where you drop off your laptop, and future computer techs take a look at your machine and fix it for free. After a week of poking and prodding they were unable to get anywhere with it, but they thanked me personally for the challenge. I got the machine back today, and then took it to a computer shop down town that does a very good job. They're going to look at it for $20-$30, and the guy there may fix it for that amount if the problem is simple (perks of being in a small town and knowing everyone). Anyways, if the problem is found I will post the exact failed component for anyone who happens to end up having the same issue with their machine. Problems can be frustrating but the hope is that this thread can guide someone. If all else fails, I will mess with the board myself and try to solder in a new cap that seems sketchy. If that fails, guess it will be time for a new board. Also, as a side note, HP quoted $300 to fix this machine. Pretty ridiculous. A new board runs around $200 give or take.
  11. please advice what to do to connect my ribbon cable...thank you very much
  12. What operating system is that? What model Acer is is? How old is it? Did you recently add any hardware or install any software?
  13. So I started it and the normal pop up of acer is there like the loading screen and then it's just a screen with down a like windows loading circle you know the balls going in a circle constantly already two hours I tried restarting the battery in and out but it keeps doing the same.
  14. Lenovo 900-13ISK Completely Dead

    Regarding your site, delete your cookies and let me know if it persists. So the hard drive is not being seen at all? When you boot up, can you tap F10 and get into the Lenovo diagnostics? I am not sure if that model supports it, but usually F10 is the onboard diagnostics for Lenovo.
  15. Thanks for all the help, it is much appreciated. Unfortunately, I have already hit another bump. My BIOS isn't recognising my SSD. So when I try to install Windows it's not popping up around there either. Any idea's what it might be? P.S. I tried resetting the BIOS to "Default setup". I've also made sure that my SSD was securely attached into the motherboard. Also, on another note about the site. I've had this problem for a while now. Every time I try to log in I have to reset my password. (Never recognises any of the old ones, ever) Anyhow, it doesn't bug me that much. But I thought I might mention it.
  16. Factory Reset

    I do not believe it will. It will likely do similar to the HP recovery you already have.
  17. I would definitely look towards the cable. I have seen the issue you describe before when changing out screens and it can be the cable, screen or a damaged video port on the motherboard.
  18. Lenovo 900-13ISK Completely Dead

    It may never happen again. You will usually have to depress the power button to remove any residual power from the motherboard, but your laptop may have been low on charge and discharged itself. Glad it's working.
  19. Factory Reset

    Thanks Dr_Bob .. HP downloaded recovery USB do not create recovery partition on hard drive.No factory reset. Will the USB recovery from other notebook of exact same model create recovery partition on HDD ? Means it will take notebook to exact original factory settings in which it was shipped ???
  20. I just did that. I didn't bother with the power button though. And it turns on! So do you know if it is just a matter of replacing my battery or something like that? This is all quite bizarre, I have no idea how it turned on.
  21. Converter from OST to PST

    hi , I was advised to use pst recovery online , decided to advise you )
  22. Factory Reset

    I would think the recovery you got from HP will suffice. It should load the drivers and OS and activate it. You should be fine. You could do a USB recovery from the other notebook as long as it is the exact same model.
  23. Okie dokie! I'll give it a shot and let you know how it goes!
  24. Factory Reset

    Dear All, I have HP probook 450 G4 Notebook and it came with windows 10 pro.I have formatted my hard disk.recovery partition gone.I did not create any recovery DVD/USB. Now i want complete factory reset. I have downloaded USB_Recovery from HP cloud using HP cloud client software against my notebook serial number.But when i try factory reset it gives only option to install windows 10.No factory reset option.i have tried many partition recovery software but in vain.I have an idea,my friend have same model with windows 10 pro.i can create recovery USB from that notebook and use it to recover my notebook to factory reset.Is it possible ? Or any other solution ? Please Guide ... Regards, Majid Nazir.
  25. Lenovo 900-13ISK Completely Dead

    Remove the battery, unplug the adapter and then hold down on the power button for about thirty seconds. Plug the power back in and then try booting again.
  26. Hi, I have a Lenovo 900-13ISK 80MK Unfortunately, for unknown reasons it is completely dead. I ordered a new charger to make sure it wasn't a power issue. And it still doesn't want to come back to life :( I was just wondering if anyone here had any tips I could use to troubleshoot my laptop? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks -Ethan-
  27. Help my new pc wont boot

    Thanks for posting the solution. That is a nice gaming rig you got there. Makes me itchy to upgrade mine.
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