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  2. Did you install the drivers? If the machine boots and you can see the BIOS screen but it goes black when it gets to Windows, you need to make sure you install the drivers from Dell's website.
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  4. Computer no longer boots up.

    When you buy a computer from a major brand name like Dell or HP, you would want to make a recovery disk. They usually have a utility for this somewhere on the start menu. But since you can no longer boot up, your best bet at this point would be that Windows 10 USB. I assume you went through the entire process and selected "Create installation media for another PC?" I am not 100 percent sure how HP handles the boot sequence these days, but try tapping F12 when booting and see if you have the option to boot to the USB. If you can fix Windows and get it to boot, look for a way to create the recovery media and then use that to put the machine back to factory condition again. At least this way, you know the virus will be gone.
  5. Hello folks

    Hi Wolf, welcome to PCTechBytes. We have a great little community here and we're glad you found us.
  6. I was surprised I was able to install an OS on it (I took my client's hard drive out and installed one I recently ordered); I was just wondering besides any display port issues what could be another problem? I will contact him Saturday to see if and his girlfriend want to buy another desktop if II have though not if I can fix the one they have first. (Note that it was doing the same with his hard drive--the lights on the desktop were still on, and the monitor's display is fine as in no lines or 'snowy') Should I order a new graphics card and then try it?
  7. I have a Hewlett-Packard computer (purchased about a year and a half ago) with Windows 10. The sticker on the computer says that it is Model # C7R68UC#ABA. I believe my computer has been infected with the Clampi trojan malware. I tried using Spy Hunter to remove it. Now it seems that whenever I turn the computer on, the boot routine does less and less. The boot routine now just starts up runs for about 20 seconds then turns the computer off, then starts it again, and continues in this loop until I unplug it. I downloaded the "Media Creation Tool" from Microsoft on a disk and on a USB drive. I tried starting the computer with 1 of these in place, but it did nothing. Basically, at this point, wouldn't the best thing to do would be clearing the hard drive and start right from the beginning? I'd do this myself but I don't know how.
  8. Hello folks

    Yes, this is my first posting (but I will make another one as soon as I finish this one). From surfing the Internet, I see that this is possibly the best computer repair forum. Once again, hello everyone.
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  11. Lenovo Ideapad Upgrade

    Yea even if you replace the CPU, you likely wont see much improvement. SSD and RAM are your best bets at the moment.
  12. Lenovo Ideapad Upgrade

    You can always circle back and upgrade those parts later if you feel the system is still under-performing...but as Bob alluded to, it is difficult to change too much on a laptop.
  13. Lenovo Ideapad Upgrade

    If i need the laptop for future gaming, wouldn't this the processor be too obsolete? Is it worth it changing motherboard/CPU than getting a new one?
  14. Boot issues

    You can do one of a couple things, either replace the PSU in there with another one, test the pins with a multimeter to make sure they are outputting the correct voltages, or remove all non-needed to POST items from the build and try to POST.
  15. Lenovo Ideapad Upgrade

    I would just put an SSD in there. Along with the RAM upgrade you did, the SSD will be a dramatic improvement in performance.
  16. Lenovo Ideapad Upgrade

    thanks for the update. I'm willing to spend money but just wanted to know which option to go will be more value for money.. 1. Getting a new laptop better mine might cost couple of hundreds to a thousand perhaps? 2. Since i'm already spent money getting a new RAM. Would it be cheaper to get a new motherboard/CPU/SSD than getting a new one? If going by this option, i'll need some advise on what to get?
  17. Boot issues

    I don't exactly have the tools to check the voltages and outputs and stuff on my PSU but how would I check? Should i just check the connections?
  18. Slow startup (approx. 30 min)

    What did you use to test the HDDs? What were the exact results? Did the RAM run all night on Memtest? Why can you not get into the BIOS?
  19. Acer 5600U Just Won't Boot Up!

    Did you try with only one stick of RAM installed?
  20. Lenovo Ideapad Upgrade

    You wont be able to upgrade your motherboard for that model to anything that will help significantly if you can upgrade it at all. Laptops are not like desktops in that you can interchange motherboards. They have to fit the case they are designed for. You may be able to change out CPUs for a faster one, and that will help a little. The Max RAM for that model is 8GB which I doubt you will see too much improvement over the 6GB you currently have. A solid state drive, if you can find one that will fit your model, would be a large improvement on boot times. All these things will cost significant money which, I know you said you didnt want to, I would put towards a new laptop instead of trying to revive this old one. Just my thoughts....
  21. Boot issues

    I would definitely look into that PSU.
  22. Acer 5600U Just Won't Boot Up!

    Maybe this will help?
  23. Can't access files on external hard drive

    You can consider downloading EaseUS to help/recover corrupted external hardisk. Using software only when methods mention by Dave don't work.
  24. Hi All, Recently i found that my computer is too slow for things that i'm doing so i upgrade my RAM from 2 GB to 6 GB. Since i already spend $ on a RAM I might as well go further. Is it possible for me to upgrade my laptop to make it go faster. I've did some finding and found that T9800/ T9900.processor which i might be able to use. Might be getting more RAM if needed. I'm also thinking about changing my motherboard though it's more costly. Can anyone suggestion which option is the best for me to go. (not getting a new laptop which i think might be even costly?) Current i own a Lenovo Ideapad Y450 with below specs Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6600 @ 2.20GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.2GHzMemory: 6144MB RAMCard name: NVIDIA GeForce G 110M Manufacturer: NVIDIAChip type: GeForce G 110MSystem type: 64-bit Win 10.
  25. Slow startup (approx. 30 min)

    Hi and thank you for helping me. I can't access to my laptop's BIOS, but i was able to do the tests and no errors in HDD and Memory
  26. Surface Pro 4 issues

    I reset it and deleted my files, and now it works fine. Thanks Dr_Bob!
  27. Boot issues

    I recently built a computer two months back, the specs are here: This morning I pressed the power button on the case and the LED just flashed and it didn't turn on so I unplugged the power switch connection on my motherboard and tried to short the pins to turn it on but that didn't work either. I was able to get this computer to turn on and work normally but whenever it boots, it takes longer and has a weird sequence. All my drivers are up to date. My i7-7700k is overclocked at 4.8 Ghz. I turned off the power switch on the power supply after seeing that the mouse and keyboard (both have LEDs) flash whenever i press on a button. I turned it back on and then my pc was able to boot but when I changed the settings back to my overclocked settings and exited BIOS, it wouldn't restart and just stall. I pressed the power button to shut it down and when it starts it checks the fans (like normal) and then it seemed to have powered off and then on again before another 5 seconds and then finally booting with a beep( i have a motherboard speaker for diagnostics). Normally when this computer boots, it just checks the fans and beeps and turns on. The reset button also just causes it to shut down, partially boot and just stall without any display. What could lead to this issue? This pc was running perfectly for the past two months. I'd initially suspected the motherboard pins but now I think maybe it's the power supply. I don't really want this to happen every time i shut down and turn the computer on again. Any help would be appreciated.
  28. Mobile Repair

    I buy batteries from Amazon and eBay mostly. For disassembly of iPhones and Android, I use iFixIt: Life of batteries depends on the quality of batteries you purchase. The extremely cheap Chinese knockoffs do not last nearly as long as the higher quality ones.
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