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    It may never happen again. You will usually have to depress the power button to remove any residual power from the motherboard, but your laptop may have been low on charge and discharged itself. Glad it's working.
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    Need Converter files *.ost to *.pst for Outlook
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    Remove the battery, unplug the adapter and then hold down on the power button for about thirty seconds. Plug the power back in and then try booting again.
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    All hard drives are plug-n-play at least nowadays, so you definitely don't need any drivers. If you are positive it is not showing up in BIOS, there may be an issue with the hard drive itself, perhaps a firmware or damaged controller on the PCB. Try connecting it to a different machine or via external enclosure just to be sure. Looks like at this point your best bet is to get a replacement.
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    I can't speak about top notch hackers because who knows what they are capable of, but I don't see how they can get into your computer if you remove all networking and Bluetooth capabilities--unless they had physical access to the computer. This is an interesting topic and I am curious what others would have to say in this matter. Stay tuned.