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  1. Hi. Anytime I have strange issues like this I always try and boot the board outside of the case on a non-conductive surface and manually bypass the case switch by shorting the power on pins using a flathead screwdriver. This eliminates anything grounding out from the case or any potential issues with the switch. Just be careful if you go that route.
  2. OK, it's out. What does everyone think?
  3. Hi Laserbeam....glad you found us again. I do not burn anything these days....I generally just use Spotify and watch the videos on YouTube. If you're looking to make backup copies of Blu-Ray movies you own, I used to use DVDFab (commercial program) or Handbreak (free). But again, I pretty much just keep things in the cloud. There is a good service out there you guys may or may not heard of called MoviesAnywhere. You essentially buy movies form Amazon or Google Play or Vudo and they show up in this cloud account you create on MoviesAnywhere. You can then get the app for your Roku player or Smart TV. Works pretty good.
  4. Hi and welcome. I sent you an IM.
  5. Yes. It's very impressive. I've only played a couple of hours, but it is definitely going to be a big hit around here.
  6. Hi, there is usually a part number on a sticker on the underside of the keyboard. To get to the keyboard, pop off the bezel surrounding the keyboard and remove all of the screws. You will need to flip it over, remove the battery and disconnect the ribbon cables under the battery. We can guess at the replacement part number by searching around, but I would look for a part number on the keyboard itself to make sure you order the same one you have.
  7. The PXE error means it was trying to boot to a network drive or resource because it didn't find a local hard disk. Check your cable, hdd connection and go into the BIOS to see if the drive is recognized there.
  8. I doubt it is the electrical in the house--at least I HOPE it's not. That motherboard also has onboard graphics. Did you try plugging into that instead of the video card?
  9. Troubleshooting printer problems can be frustrating. Printers are one of those devices we use everyday and never think about until there is a problem with it. Finding the problem with a printer is the toughest part of the troubleshooting process because printers will not often give you a good explanation, despite having installed software . . . Read the full guide here: Troubleshooting Printer Problems
  10. So you do not even see the initial boot screen on the computer? Does the computer make any beeping sounds? A normal POST should produce a single short beep. I HAVE actually seen this before with my dad's computer and it WAS a power issue. He was using a monitor stand that also had a surge protector type feature. When I plugged him directly into the wall, the PC booting right up. Plugged it back into that power strip and it would not boot. Computer power button light would come on, but nothing would come up on the screen. So make sure you are plugging the computer directly into the wall to test--if it works, you can get a different surge protector later. You also may need to consider getting the power supply or motherboard tested. Power supplies are easy enough to replace--motherboards not so much.
  11. That would really make me mad if they were throttling me, but that might very well be the case. To make matters worse, you're probably paying a lot for that service. So those are your only two options? No 5G cell towers going up around you? I have gigabit fiber service now, but 5G is going to blow that away. Maybe that will be an option for you in the near future depending on where you live.
  12. Try power cycling your router / modem and see if that helps. Just unplug it for a minute and then plug it back in. Are your Roku devices on WiFi or Ethernet, because that will matter as well.
  13. These computer security tips can help save your PC from becoming infected by malware. Most computers will get infected at least once in their lifespan. Your PC can be infected just by being connected to the Internet, without opening email or even visiting a single web page. The Windows Operating System has security holes . . . Read the entire post Computer Security Tips and Best Practices
  14. Yeah, that's pretty cool how that works. You can probably run stress test software or a benchmark utility to see them all working together.
  15. I already bought it on PC. I can't imagine a controller won't work. You might just need the keyboard for typing. At least I hope that is the case.
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