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  1. Dave@Bytes

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    My gaming PC is in my living room, so I use a controller, which is unfortunate because I find I can't compete in shooters anymore because the keyboard / mouse people have the advantage. At this stage in my life I like relaxing on the sofa with a controller, though.
  2. Dave@Bytes

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Yeah, I'm going to pick it up. I just finished the second play through of Resident Evil 2 so I'm ready to move onto something else.
  3. Dave@Bytes

    Add 2nd Internal Hard Drive

    Hi, I think you'll be looking for something like this SATA Power Cable Splitter and it will connect near where the original power cable connects to the first hard drive. The hard drive should have a data cable and a power cable attached. This will split the power cable, unless Dell has done something funky on the hard drive end.
  4. We all want a simple DIY OTA TV recording solution. Watching television over the air is nothing new–people have been doing it for decades. Having the ability to bring a high definition signal into your home, record it and–in some cases–remove commercials, is definitely a game-changer in this space. The era of streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube TV, have made cord-cutting virtually painless, as viewers can dump their pricey cable bundles and cable box rentals for cheaper streaming television services. But the questions has always been, what do I do about my local channels? Read the full post on Simple DIY OTA TV Recording and Viewing Options
  5. Dave@Bytes

    Why me????

    Yes. Set both monitors to VGA if they are set to automatic. If that doesn't help, I'd replace all of the cables / adapters if you have spares.
  6. Dave@Bytes

    Why me????

    Use the input selector on the monitor with the VGA attached and set the monitor's input to VGA. Do the same for the DVI monitor. Most monitors are set to Auto detect the signal coming from the PC. If you tell the monitor to specifically look for the VGA cable (and the DVI cable on the other monitor) it might recognize both on startup.
  7. Dave@Bytes

    More just talking.

    Next time that happens, try booting into safe mode--you should have a generic crappy screen, but it should at least enable you to reinstall the driver. And to answer your original question, yes, I do stupid stuff all the time with computers....that's how you learn
  8. Dave@Bytes

    Why me????

    I should work, you're right. Weird things can happen with cables and ports. If the monitor inputs are set to AUTO detect, maybe specify VGA for the vga cable and dvi for the dvi cable. Maybe the auto detect option is getting confused. If that doesn't work, try different cables.
  9. Dave@Bytes

    Why me????

    Are these monitors connected via HDMI? Almost seems like a handshaking issue.
  10. Dave@Bytes

    Jump Force

    Yeah, I just requested a refund. I tried it again this morning hoping to find some redeeming quality, but failed.
  11. Dave@Bytes

    Jump Force

    I turned it off after 30 minutes, pondering a Steam refund. I'll check it out again this weekend. I'm hoping there is a setting I missed during the initial configuration, but I doubt it. There are also a lot of good games coming in in the next few weeks so I'm not sure what I'm going to do, lol.
  12. Dave@Bytes

    HP G60-447CL Notebook Windows Vista

    I've been trying to access the HP support site to lookup the manual for this notebook, but the site has been having issues all morning. Did you need files off of this drive? That would be the first place to start. If you need the files off, you might be able to remove the hard drive and use and USB 3 to SATA adapter like this to hook it up to another computer to retrieve the files. Otherwise, we might be looking at you having to buy a copy of Windows 7 and try installing that. If you had to make the recovery disks from within Windows Vista and never did that, then you may need to buy a copy of Windows. The HP Support Site is here. If you get to it before one of us, look for the manual and the process for running a system restore or system recovery.
  13. Dave@Bytes

    Jump Force

    My kids and I are huge anime fans and just picked up Jump Force. The trailers looked amazing, but the quality of the game so far is terrible. Cut scenes you can't skip, the game looks dark and the brightness controls seem to have no effect--and this is on a 4k UHD TV with a high end computer, so it's not the hardware. The game literally came out tonight, so I'll give it a couple of days see if any patches get released. But check out the trailer if you're into this kind of thing:
  14. Dave@Bytes

    HP G60-447CL Notebook Windows Vista

    Hi Ann. What is the make and model of the laptop? It may or may not have a recovery partition. If it DOES have a recovery partition, you can usually access it by tapping one of the F keys (usually F12) when booting. But we'd have to lookup the manual to determine that. If Vista was the original operating system, you may be looking at a bad hard drive considering the age of the laptop. But trying the recovery partition is certainly worth a try.
  15. Dave@Bytes

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    I have never even heard of Evil Within, but I just watched a trailer for the game and it looks pretty cool. I'll have to check this out.