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  1. I'm dropping by to say hi to the ol' friends I aint seen in a while, making sure y'all are okay. If your not too busy...redeyes.gif let us know if everythings alright.

  2. Hi phyllis, I am curious as to what you found.

  3. What make and model is your computer? Is your monitor connected to the motherboard (installed horizontal), or to an expansion card (installed vertical)? Are you using XP?

  4. yes i have tried all the common ways to repair .The slider bar is stuck all the way to the lefty.I cant even restore the computer to a earlier date? It says i am running on the generic graphics driver?? i have no back up cd.s at all for this computer.I am afraid ill have to buy a back up cd that contains the updated driver cd?

  5. jan, Would you please go back to the "Free Tips" thread and see if file name .bak is the same as the one .baln? I've been confused about this and wondering if I'm looking at the right file. Thanks, Bama.