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  1. Lol...I hear ya Dave, I am sure you are getting advice on the tough spots of the game to conquer from the master who already knows the in and out's of the game As far as the new Sekiro coming out I haven't played the first one and my budget is a little tight right now Whats your opinion on this one ? I am thinking on getting Far Cry Primal Apex from Steam, it is on sale for $10.99 whats your take on the game as far as graphics and the story line and game play ? The reviews I see give it an Ok and mediocre middle of the road game.
  2. Hey Dave hi, Have you completed the game or going through a different mode ?
  3. I see it, to me it looks like it zig zags away to the capital letter A for it's pathway and also to where I see P above the A, it looks like two contact points already, follow the marking lines a little more to see where else they touch and go. Edit: There may be a cluster of pathways but it may lead to the main one where it stops. What did you use to take that picture, it looks great ?
  4. Defiantly a chip/switch, but you knew that already, There must be some kind of markings or letters and or numbers on the motherboard that you can trace, you may need a magnifying glass to see them clearly if your eyes are like mine...lol, anyway there may be a path etched on the motherboard leading to where the chip/switch transmits to, these help identify where what part go's where when putting motherboards together, these number and letter markings will be abbreviated and may give you a clue, what is the exact model of your motherboard, meanwhile someone here should have another clue to add.
  5. Here is a basic speccy shot of my computer specs below, you should have Windows 10 64 Bit because a few games or coming out for 64 Bit systems and the Ram size of greater than 4 Gigs needs a 64 Bit board. I and others here have Steam the gaming site, it runs with a client application to run the games they sell on the site as well as other sites like Steam, but I prefer Steam as it has more selections and sometimes you can get a good game on sale, but back to my system for games, I have ARC, Subnautica and these require some force from your board, ram and hard drive. My suggestions would be at least: Operating System: Windows 10-64 Bit Motherboard: 64 Bit, no if and and but's Ram: At least 8-Gigs or greater CPU: A good one...prices will very but your motherboard will determine what it can handle Hard Drive: Make it a whopper because game sizes can be huge, up to 100 Gigs and greater plus updates. If you can go SSD or what ever you decide on get two hard drives, one for your OS and the other for storing games on and music etc...I am thinking at least 250-500 Gigs for your main HD and a Terabyte or above for game storage, myself I would not use an external HD because it may not be able to pull the information fast enough during game play from the USB port. Video Card: You need one to handle the games you have because they are very graphical now days and need something to handle the colors and game play speed, you don't want a video card that will make the game lag, you need something that can handle 60 FPS (frames per second). Sound: I have a 5.1 surround sound, Stereo's just don't cut it, sound affects are nice, you can hear the ambiance during game play and depending on the game jump out of your skin because you were not expecting that surprise.
  6. Hey Dr, Can you buy me something to, I need a car or a house, both would be nice...just saying Hey kemp, That is great, I do have one question though. Whats a drover ? is that hillbilly language for something... Is that like I drove her (drover) here and I drove her (drover) there I drive her (driver) everywhere.
  7. Sometimes on boot you can press the F2 as soon as the computer powers on or after your computer logo shows, try the F9 function key and see what happens on a boot, what version of Windows do you have ?
  8. So is your screen blank on Start Up ? can you press like a F2 Key or something on boot, sometimes you can actually load your BIOS defaults.
  9. Hi Bitters, Not sure what version of Windows you are running or your computer specs but here are a couple of things you might want to check out: 1: With the computer turned off make sure the floppy cables are snug and secure to the motherboard. 2: Your CMOS/BIOS battery may be old and out of juice, a good indicator would be that your system clock has the wrong time and or date. 3: Go into BIOS and see if that floppy drive is recognized, while in BIOS go to the System tab and look at your Boot Sequence, you should be able to disable it or look for something that says Do not halt on system errors. 4: Make sure there is no floppy disc in that floppy drive. 5: I have deleted your duplicate post, you only need this one
  10. Hi Kemp, Make sure you are unplugged from the internet, unless you already are. Windows 7 Pro Is this an older computer you are installing to ? if it is chances are the motherboard or CPU is not advanced enough for the Windows 7 Pro Edition Installation. Is it a 64 bit disc or 32 bit ? Ubuntu 18 Was Ubuntu burned properly to a CD or DVD Disc, insert the disc into your DVD/CD player and checkout the properties of the disc and let us know. Also are you installing it or just running it from a Live CD, try running it first without installing it, run it as a Live CD so it just uses your RAM instead of installing to your hard drive.
  11. roadrage

    Microsoft Word

    There is also Open Office it is compatible with MS Office in most cases and it is free when you need to do something on the fly.
  12. Are your doing a computer migration or a refresh ? I would think doing any of those two you would run a Windows Image Disc or through a network image to all the PC's. I have jumped out of computer migrations and have been doing printer migrations for the last 4-5 years but this is how we do printers and computers would almost be the same. We take one specific printer model and do all the settings manually that are specific to what the client wants, there are lots of settings to adjust, we then make a clone file after the approval process of that specific printer, and from there on out we can clone the other printers from that first printer, sometimes we have up to seven different models so we have to make seven different clone files, I have worked from the west coast to the east coast doing this onsite and remotely from home which was nice, for 6 months. The different geographical locations had different clones as well because of printer server and printer IP addresses and time zones, the most important thing we still had to do even though everything was cloned was to go back to the printers via the web interface and log on and re-check that all the settings were right compared to the checklist, what I am saying is you might have to go back as well to make sure everything is checked from the checklist, for me this was mandatory, when you have installed hundreds of printers or computers that task comes pretty easy to make adjustments if need be, clone files and images can become corrupted, I know this well so that is why you go back through the checklist, not sure if this will set you at ease but that is just the way it was done for my printer and computer migrations...it wasn't a set it and forget it Someone else may have some ideas for you but hope this helped you a little.
  13. The convertor I use is ImgBurn
  14. Yeah burned cd's are only good for one time unless it is a re-writable cd, the disc would show the type it is and would have CD-R-W on the package or label, and Dave took down the site because it was getting crushed with to much spam at one time then he brought it back so send the word out, he is open for business I just google for a lot of music videos then convert them when downloading to change the file extension, or download from a cd then upload to the usb. Have you tried this? How to download Media Player for Windows 7? How to Reinstall Windows Media Player in Windows 7, 8, or 10 to Solve Problems Step 1: Uninstall Windows Media Player. Open up Control Panel and type “windows features” into the search box, and then click on Turn Windows features on or off. ... Step 2: Reboot. That is all. Step 3: Turn Windows Media Player Back On.
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