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  1. laserbeam

    Microsoft Word

    This link doesn't work, they want money.
  2. laserbeam

    Microsoft Word

    We were trying to type up a statement using word pad and when it was saved it rearranged some words and a box popped up stating we had to activate it. We were unable to edit the words that were changed. We don't want to buy Office as it is rarely used, is there some way around this?
  3. laserbeam

    chrome browser

    I had some problems with malware bytes and once it was fixed it found nothing.
  4. laserbeam

    chrome browser

    That was a lot to absorb, Rkill found nothing, Ccleaner found a boatload of stuff, Adwcleaner found a few things and fixed, Avast, I'm lost. TDSSkiller was too complicated so I stopped at that, hope everything is ok, thanks much.
  5. laserbeam

    chrome browser

    I got this laptop on Dec 22 2018. everyday malware bytes runs a scan and up until yesterday it found nothing. Now I'm getting 36 & 37 potentially unwanted items being quarantined. Is there a virus on this laptop? I also noticed there was one with the registry. Can I get back to a few days ago with a system restore? I also noticed my chrome homepage was very different from what it looked like yesterday. I usually have 8 favorite tiles open today there were 3.
  6. I use to convert a lot of videos from you tube but started to not work so well so I quit. What converter do u use?
  7. Yes it has been a while, couldn't find your site---forgot the name lol. He told me it was a cd that was already burned, it has win 10 OS, just got it this past Wednesday and everything was fine till he got that message. I tried different things I found on the internet but nothing helped. This morning I realized he had another external cd burner which I hooked up and that worked using WMP, so why wouldn't it work with the cd drive that is in the tower? Just curious where do u download your music from? I went into apps & features and tried to install wmp again but will not work, doing a system restore to c if that will help if not where can i download wmp? Nevermind, I got wmp back on.
  8. Been unable to burn a cd with wmp, keep getting the message connect a burner. The other half just got a refurbished HP desktop on Wednesday and so far things were going fine till this, any suggestions?
  9. I never knew restore points were not being done automatically, therefore I have none boy was I shocked. I did get 1, after the updates so that is of no use to me, and now I can't even remember how I did that, I guess I can ask stupid cortana, I am so sorry I got windows 10, don't like it at all and it's been almost a year. I transfer pictures from my phone to the laptop and instead of putting them in the pictures windows 10 puts them in some dumb folder that I have to drag them into the pictures folder if I want to do anything with them. I hate it. I have a 32GB SD card in the phone and the other day it quit working, the laptop will not recognize it. I tried cleaning it and all it does is freeze the laptop. So yes I hate windows 10.
  10. I could not drag & drop the files, so then I saved them in the document folder there are 9, when I opened the document folder there they were so I tried to open one to see if it was the right thing and I was told there was a problem with office. I don't want this gdam program I never asked for it I never used it. I'll try something else, ok what I tried said I was only allowed to upload 71.68KB I quit. Nothing is working thank you so much for your help. I tried to download the windows essentials you mentioned above and it is no longer available. I'll try the other link you provided to uninstall windows apps later and will let you know how it turned out. thanks much What if I did a recovery & roll back to a time I liked, an earlier build where I can choose to keep my files or not. Would that work? Go into settings, update & security, recovery, then "get started"?
  11. OK, I figured out how to get a screenshot of all my apps & features, they are now in word, maybe 9 pages, do u really want to see all this I have no idea how to get it from word to you.
  12. no image is coming up when i hit ctrl prt sc WLM is working but I am also getting everything in Outlook so I have to keep up with 2 accts, Outlook was created as a junk acct, never used it except when I sold my car 3 years ago, but now I have to check both accts because some things go there and not to WLM, it duplicates most of the mail not all.
  13. You mentioned in the 2nd link you provided that I uninstall the default Mail app, isn't WLM the default app? Yes you are correct in Office, they want me to upgrade it I've never had any use for it so why have it. How do I get a pic of my Apps & Features list to you? I tried Prt sc but have no idea how to use it. I've tried numerous times to get the Prt sc to get the apps & features to you but nothing happens, I have print open and photo open and nothing shows up on either. I did it before but long ago I don't remember what i did. I also got clipboard and I still can't get it to work.
  14. It's installed but it keeps telling me it's expired and do I want to purchase, I don't want anything from them, just tell me what I have to do to get rid of Outlook but I still want security updates and I still want messenger which I read I will lose if I delete the Outlook, I just want my laptop the way it was before they put their stinking updates on last week. Just tell me what to do. Thanks much, I don't have a disk with windows 10 on it, so how do i do this? I'm desperate I hate microsoft. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insider/wiki/insider_wintp-insider_install/how-to-perform-a-repair-upgrade-using-the-windows/35160fbe-9352-4e70-9887-f40096ec3085 Is this what I have to do?
  15. I have the free version that was given last year. I did speak to Microsoft they did some things to the laptop but now I am getting all my mail in both places Outlook & Windows Live Mail. I hate Microsoft for doing that. If anyone has any solutions I'd love to hear them. I have Windows 10 Home
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