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    I love Bama football, and 'Bama in general. No chillun', but Uncle to 20 +
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    I worked hard 'til I couldnt work any more. Working was more fun. :( And lucrative.
  1. Thanks for the tip. We'll keep that in mind. We have a family friend who is an insurance broker, not an agent. We'll likely talk to him first. Actually have a couple issues we'd like to talk to him about. You too Bama, and no, no they're not. You'd like to think that but, no. :D

  2. Just be careful not to make a big mistake thinking a 35% increase and $500 going to 5K Wind/Hail deductible was outrageous. When I saw that I canceled, only to find at least they didn't send inspectors out. First replacement was canceled because repairs took too long. Waiting on next inspection, still need some windows fixed so doubt it will pass. At least this one has a 1k deductible, the only drawback is the quarterly versus monthly payment, and how is $267 1/4 of $806? (sigh) Others are 180. At least they also found me an auto policy with twice the coverage for less monthly payment. is where I got both, with different companies. I tried Progressive online and got a way higher quote than what they were able to get me. Just a thought. Take care, and believe me, I'm sure drivers there are much better in the snow than people who see it maybe once a year. :)

  3. Good for you on getting outside more. The fresh air and sun will do ya good. I need to do more of that myself. Just not an outdoorsy type person. Being a redhead, I spend more time putting on sunscreen than I do being outside. Just got tired of it, so I don't spend a lot of time outside unless I need to. don't get me wrong, I love the summer. Fave time of year honestly, can't stand winter. Too cold and too much snow. Plus nobody knows how to drive in the snow and that makes it dangerous. I hear ya about the insurance companies. They can be a royal pain in the ass. We've started looking at replacing our homeowner's insurance. Paying way too much IMO. Even with their "discounts", such as having both cars insured as well through them. Just gotta convince the wife it's something we need to do. Hey, good luck with the home repairs and I hope you find a new policy more to your liking on cost.

  4. That's very kind of you, and I feel the same way. Hopefully my post on the Elite section helps explain my MIA status a bit better. I still drop by now and then, but but don't usually see much I can help with. Also, I'm getting more active outside and trying to be less of a recluse. I rediscovered the joy of swimming, and dabbled in fishing again. Also trying to get my home up to snuff for my insurance company. I had one policy that went up 35% but never required an inspection. It was only after canceling them and trying to get a new policy that I found out inspectors find peeling paint and broken decorative lattices a problem. Fortunately that was the easy part, it's fixing my storm windows that has become a major headache. I'll stop the rant, these insurance companies just seem to be determined to drive me crazy. I'm sure we all discover that one way or another.

  5. At least it's fixed and that's the important thing. Yeah I'm glad to. Don't be a stranger Bama, you've got a lot friends here who think about and miss ya. :)

  6. lol.... I had a brief bit of clarity and checked my PMs to find it was still there. I was using a capital where I shouldn't, now it's working. Thanks, I'm glad we got to talk but should have thought of that earlier. :) See you around.

  7. Hey Bama! How ya doing? Don't feel bad for not being around too much. Lately I've been the same. Too many other things going on at home to focus on Techbytes. To the best of my knowledge nothing has changed regarding your status. Have you tried clearing your cookies and temp file? Might be cluttered up. I can pass this on to Dave if you'd like.

  8. Hello my good friend, long time no see. I've been having a hard time keeping up with the evolving technology and find my ability to help growing more difficult every day. I also wanted to let other know I was around and thinking of them, especially in the Elite section. But I can't seem to get my PW to work. Could you send me a PM letting me know if its changed or my ability to access it has been removed? All the best, Bama

  9. I picked up a Microsoft Life Cam vx or vm 2000 for 14 bucks at office depot. they were closing them out. has great little mic included & works like a charm.Went & bought 3 more for wife ;son & daughter

  10. I rarely turn Skype on anymore. I should try to find out what happened to my web cam but it's been so long since I used it theres no telling where in might be. But I've never had Skype set up to use with a web cam, plus my sister borrowed my headphones/mic and I couldn't do anything except hear without being heard. I'll keep it in mind if I ever set it up to use properly. Thanks for the invitation, nice to know someone is willing to speak. :)

  11. Hey Bama;; just a quickie to let you know my Skype addy is kmafra83 if you want to add me on

  12. Regarding this thread about the boot process. I think sunny is a spammer in the process of setting us up. So I was feeling a bit sarcastic when I posted that. Just keep the thought on the spammer idea on the down low. I could be wrong ya know.

  13. Unfortunately my habit of being sarcastic and joking all the time isn't really well suited for written conversations. Even people that know me well sometimes get offended by something I intended to be an innocent ribbing. So I save people the effort it takes to decipher my writing and force them to listen to my irritating Deputy Dog like voice. They still have to decipher the meaning and wait as my conversational Southern drawl flows like frozen molasses. :)

  14. FB has its downside, very easy to fall into the Twitter like superficial chit-chat, though I find it a convenient way to keep in touch with friends. I've been following the forum posts here but I'm still waiting for one I can handle, like "My monitor is blank". My solution: turn on monitor.

  15. Sorry, I don't do Facebook. If that changes I'll be sure to look you up, but it isn't likely. This place is the closest I come to social networking. Thanks for thinking of me and making the offer though. :)