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  1. No biggie Sly. I suffer from CRS more often than I care to admit myself. Keep telling the wife I'm lucky if I remember what I did ten minutes ago let alone a week ago.. :D

  2. sorry bout that thread I said was old .don't know what I did but was sure what I looked at was from 2011 feb. Must be too old for this stuff;; brain starting to play tricks on me. just wait til you hit 84 ;you will know what I Mean. will be more careful from now though. hago.

  3. I picked up a Microsoft Life Cam vx or vm 2000 for 14 bucks at office depot. they were closing them out. has great little mic included & works like a charm.Went & bought 3 more for wife ;son & daughter

  4. I rarely turn Skype on anymore. I should try to find out what happened to my web cam but it's been so long since I used it theres no telling where in might be. But I've never had Skype set up to use with a web cam, plus my sister borrowed my headphones/mic and I couldn't do anything except hear without being heard. I'll keep it in mind if I ever set it up to use properly. Thanks for the invitation, nice to know someone is willing to speak. :)

  5. Hey Bama;; just a quickie to let you know my Skype addy is kmafra83 if you want to add me on

  6. Happy Birthday will tip a small scotch in your honor today

  7. Just trying to pass the time and catch up with a few of the regulars to see how you're doing. I see your posts now and then but it doesn't tell much about you personally. Unlike me you seem to be able to stay on topic. I think I'll mix me a screwdriver an have a sip in your honor. I know scotch is your flavor but it doesn't taste good with oj. :)

  8. Mike; sent that flash drive with that program you wanted over a month ago & wondered why I didn't hear from you.Well today I got my answer(lol);it was sent back to me undeliverable;over a month geez. address was 21821 se267sr maple valley ,wa.Anyway I have it hear will be happy to take another shot at sending it but give me a good address to send to..Let me know

  9. Dave I have been trying to figure out why I cannot use the left arrow to back space when I am in the forum & this is what I have found(just for your info).When I enter the forum home page MY "F Connect" does not alway lite up right away & when it is not lit I can use the arrow to back space back to forum.However as soon as the "F Connect " lites no moore using the left arrow to back space.I have to use the word forumbelow the task bar. I have tried to figure out a way to delete t F Connect because I don't use facebook anyway but so far no success.Just wanted to keep you up on whats happening proplem I just click the word forum & go back but its buggin me. lol

  10. Thanks for all the info Sly!

  11. Hey Bob;Talked to mytech down in Seminole Fl. & he said don't overkill & buy too much because of the 5gb max. for xp. He said he uses a Biostar A55mh for anyone who want something pretty reliable. they run about$88 down here. They will build you one with xp;3 gigs RAM 5oo gb hd dvd /cd burner for about $350 shpg about $25. his name is Mark Evans;;;;727-395-0069;;;;;;;;;e-mail is hago Frank aka slyolefox

  12. Using IE 8 & have been for quite a while. Next time it happens I'll take aprint screen & e-mail it to you so you can see what's happening. Thanks for come back though. I reset my IE this afternoon using advanced internet options & tonite the pages went back like they should. will keep you up date if it happens again thanks

  13. Also, you can click the PCTechBytes logo at the top of the screen--if this continues to be an issue.

  14. Not sure. What browser (and version) is this? I'll see if I can duplicate the issue. Thanks for the heads up.

  15. Dave;encountered a wierd problem;maybe you can explain. I log on to fine ;I choose a catagory'ie networking for example; I'll read a couple of the problems & then hit the backspace arrow( upper left corner) nothing happens ;it will not back space.I then click the down arrow right of the arrows to bring up page history & it says I have been on" x" the only way I can back up to pctechbytes is click the down arrow & hilite that site. Have checked for malkware & virus;; found nothing. any ideas why I can't back arrow on this site. no problem on other sites' I don't use facebook at all here, n ay to clear your comments.