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  1. Nothing much man, just another day and another dollar. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only unlucky bastard that has to work on Saturday!!! Lol

  2. How goes things?? Just dropping by and saying hey to everyone. Shift is dead so far where I work at.... Hope things are going well!!!

  3. Hey buddy do you think you could take a look at this post today and see what you think. http://www.pctechbytes.net/forums/showthread.php?t=38160&p=111152&posted=1#post111152 I'm a little baffled at the problem and I told them I would get you to take a look. I consider you the most trusted person on here for advice on laptop problems!!

  4. To answer Bama's question about the socket type, those processors should fit the LGA 775 socket which is a weird little socket because the socket itself contains the pins and the actual processor is basically smooth on the back. I believe this design came about to make processor installation more "idiot proof" since alot of people were snapping off pins while haphazardly installing processors. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGA_775 I'll give Bama a shot at getting the parts first if he's interested. I repair computers for a living and rarely get to just enjoy working on them for fun so I would much rather a hobbyist like Bama get his hands on the extra parts. He might be able to use them to build a system with whereas I'll just get to use them for testing purposes around the shop.

  5. I really don't have any use for the cpu s or memory. If you or Bama want them send me an email with a shipping address at I just cannot see them sitting here like some of the other junk I aquired. I just tossed 3 IDE controller cards and about a dozen parrallel printer cables, doubt anybody still has isa slots. The sales I get invited too are for employees only. I hope the company doesn't move.

  6. SAVE those processors!!! Those Intel C2D processors used to run about $150 new and about $80 used. Alot of newer systems still run them and because of this they are worth holding on to. For $28 you got a STEAL for all that stuff!!

  7. Building a snowman takes the right kind of snow. I just finished shoveling 14 inches of the stuff. Went shopping at my favorite computer recycling shop last week (Green World Recyling). Three or four times a year they open their doors to the public. They have a lot of new stuff but not in big quantities. There is a minimum $25 dollar purchase. So for $28 I picked up 10 verbatim 2 gig flash drives 5 4 gig sd cards off brand 1 network switch (used) 2 1gig cosair ddr2 memory sticks 3 Intel c2d e4500 2.20 Ghz oem processors 1 usb external dvd writer (no name) 1 500w noname universal power supply I didn't want the processors or memory. The question is are the processors outdated or should i just toss them.

  8. Hey Bama, are you getting any of this snow today over in your direction? It's coming down in my neck of the woods, took my youngest one out to build a snowman earlier and realized I SUCK at building them!!

  9. Hey man, I've been tied up with a death in my wife's family and one of my kids has been real sick. I'm going to take a few minutes later tonight to answer a few questions that I haven't had time to look at and when I do I'll make sure to check out your posts too. Sorry for the delay, PC_R_M

  10. Hey PCRM you been hunting or what? I'm distraught over the Chargers loss and started this project trying to build a bootable CD. You know anything about that? I'm in "cleaning an infected PC". Thanks

  11. If you could see your way to thread Dell E-520 Again. I would appreciate your advice. That is the same computer you helped me fix last month. I had it sitting by and was going to test the psu but had a nagging feeling about viruses or maybe one of the fans not working. I ran it in safe mode for a couple hours before these other symptoms came up. If you are not too busy. Thanks.

  12. Thanks for getting back to me. I did run malwarbyres and Antivirus Live appears to be gone. I am sort of spread across two threads oops. Did not mean for that to happen. There is one in Whats wrong with my computer and one in Programs and Downloads. If you would care to take a look there you will see my situation. The computer now goes online but is slow and if you try to open multiple apps it does not respond. I am going to put Rkill on flashdrive and try that. Sort of learning alot but viruses suck. Thanks.

  13. I checked out your virus post and what bucksfan is recommending is basically what I would recomend too. That malwarebytes program is awesome and will typically find and remove the bad stuff. If that doesn't fix you up then I'll help you out with some more advice but for now download and run malwarebytes.

  14. Sorry to have to bug you but I'm totally infected with viruses. I am on a thread on Whats wrong with my computer. If you have any of your killer input I'd love to hear it.

  15. I had the same problem. I wondered how everyone else did that because I used the User CP. No one else seemed to know what the User CP was, but it had a list of threads that I was subscribed to which had replies to them. Now the User CP is called Settings, it's in the upper right by Log Out. Dave finally found it once I described exactly what I was looking for.