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    What's it the 29th of July? I'm gonna do the update just gonna image my drives first and after so I'm covered no matter what I encounter.
  2. Mic Problems

    Did you look at the mic properties maybe you need to turn up the gain.

  4. I need help

    Did you look at the event logs? The application, and system log. How about monitoring the temp while settings the conditions for the freeze and watching the temp then?
  5. battery runs down far too fast,

    It's not that you "ruined" it, that's just the way those type of batteries are. They are engineered to be completely or nearly completely drained and then fully charged. Having them constantly charged just reduces its efficiency and overall longevity. Cell phone batteries are the same way.
  6. I need help

    Laptop CPUs generally max out around 100C, so 93 isn't overheating though I myself would like to see it stay cooler there isn't much wiggle room left. So the problem is only when you use Skype and a game at the same time? When it freezes does it take some time after the game and skype running together in order to freeze? The idea here is to first figure out if this is a hardware ( cooling included ) or software ( driver conflict, some other software issue ) problem. I wouldn't rule out heat yet it may be that skype and a game together is producing too much heat for the laptop to dissipate. The machine has never froze under any condition other than with Skype and a game at the same time?
  7. I'd make sure you have the switch on if there is a switch for it, you might try the keyboard shortcut for turning it on and off as well. Make sure it's not disabled in bios, and that it's still present in the device manager with the correct drivers for it.
  8. Maybe I misunderstood what you asked. What are you trying to delete and where is it? I assumed you were talking about deleting the files/logs on your machine.
  9. Off the top of my head is say just delete them in Windows explorer/file explorer, whatever you want to call it.
  10. I need help

    Since it's a laptop the first thing I would do is download openhardwaremonitor.org and prime95. Test the cooling capacity. Run prime with the max heat option and watch your CPU temp over about 10-15 mins. What does it reach in temp?
  11. unable to get any updates

    If it's not broke don't fix it. Do you have enough space on the drive? Have you googled similar issues?
  12. Win 10 Missing right click functionality

    Josh undoubtedly knows more about this particular issue than I, as he's tackled it more than once. I haven't paid particularly close attention to what you have both done already but I often approach things differently, esp since I haven't dealt with the particular issue myself prior. Anyhow I'd try a refresh, a refresh without effecting personal files and data. It's equivalent to a repair install in the previous versions of Windows. You may want to make sure you have your data backed up anyway not that the refresh will do anything to it, but if you select the wrong type of refresh you will wipe your data. It's good to have your data backed up anyway. I did notice the AIO tool Josh linked I would have suggested that prior to the refresh as well.
  13. Win 10 Missing right click functionality

    Obviously Windows is screwed up, whether it be the registry or what have you. So first let's try this, open the command prompt and type Sfc /scannow And hit enter. Let that run through and post the result.
  14. Win 10 Missing right click functionality

    First make sure the PC is compatible with 10. I'm not sure I understand the right chick issue your describing, is it that the right click just doesn't work? Meaning right clicking is as if you didn't click at all? Have you tried another mouse?
  15. Pop up messages?

    I noticed other people are complaining about it but o didn't see anything that said it could be suppressed but that doesn't mean it can't, and it doesn't mean it can either.