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  1. Nothing that i know of but basically remove the GPU, hold the fan in place and blow out the heatsink and fan with canned air. If it is covered in dust then this will help a ton. Also after you fire your PC back up leave the side off and make sure the fan on the GPU is running. If you have any software that came with the GPU that allows you to tinker with fan settings I would set it to MAX.
  2. Dr_Bob

    chrome browser

    If you run MBAM now does it find anything?
  3. You will likely need to take this apart and clean the heatsink and CPU fan. Also replace the thermal paste while you are in there and you should knock that CPU temp down by 20 degrees. That very well could be your issue. Oh GPU, not cpu.... That is running a little hot. What do you have for case cooling? I would at least clean up the heatsink and fan of the GPU. You may want to add a case fan if you do not have some.
  4. Dr_Bob

    chrome browser

    You can try a restore point as a first attempt but likely the virus will remain. Odds are you did contract a drive by virus. I would close out of everything and run Rkill which will kill any rogue processes. Then run CCleaner on the reg and temp files. Run a Malwarebytes and Adwcleaner scan. I would download and run a AV like Avast and scan as well. Might even run a TDSSkiller just to be sure. You might have to nuke your restore points and recreate one after this as sometimes these like to hide there.
  5. What are you temps? You can use openhardwaremonitor to view them or speccy.
  6. As long as you de-soldered them properly it should be fine. Just know that 5V Dc is going to those solder points so make sure that nothing comes into contact with the positive lead. If you close the laptop back up as it was before you shoudl be fine. You can always put a small piece of electrical tape over them if need be.
  7. Glad you got her lined out. Just guessing but was it a dual channel issue?
  8. Are you sure it doesnt say, "You have nothing scheduled on these 7 days."? If it doesnt and they do have scheduled tasks, have you tried an office repair?
  9. Doubt you are using Windows Pro but you could do it all through Group Policy, especially if you have a Domain Controller.
  10. First question is how is the SSD formatted? With the W7 disk you should be able to delete all partitions and format to its liking.
  11. Can you link what motherboard you are talking about or a pic? Not sure exactly what we are dealing with here.
  12. I've seen motherboards do some crazy stuff. Hope you get all the goblins out of the machines.....
  13. Lol the reason I know that is messing with W7 old disks and running into the same problem you did a few times before I figured it out.
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