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  1. Dr_Bob

    Add 2nd Internal Hard Drive

    As long as you are not pulling any real additional power from it you should be ok. SATA HDDs dont pull much wattage if that is all the extra you will be putting on that PSU.
  2. Dr_Bob

    Add 2nd Internal Hard Drive

    Maybe there was a typo but I'm seeing this PC came with a 290W stock PSU. I think there are only three cables that come from that PSU, one to the motherboard, one to the SATA HDD, and one to the optical drive. You could steal the one from the optical drive if you are not going to use it. Is there an aftermarket PSU installed? Even with the 290 you can probably get away with this by stealing the cable going to the first HDD: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07C2TJ82P/ref=sspa_dk_detail_5?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B07C2TJ82P&pd_rd_w=bAQWU&pf_rd_p=2bd81721-c115-4b8d-93a3-2ecd17466ded&pd_rd_wg=YqW1b&pf_rd_r=4VK0K2Y398MVMPBABB9N&pd_rd_r=ee3cbf0b-33bb-11e9-b00f-bf29e400fc02 If you have any extra components installed like an aftermarket GPU you will likely need a beefier PSU.
  3. Hey Dr_Bob good to see you here again my friend welcome back :biggrin:

  4. Dr_Bob

    Newer motherboard

    Stay away from Asrock boards. They are extremely cheap for a reason. Even their "high end" boards are junk imo.
  5. Dr_Bob

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Will be buying that in a few days and cant wait to play. The OG was possibly my favorite in the series.
  6. Best guess is that a Windows update messed with the driver. I would start by totally uninstalling it and its driver from your computer, run CCleaner on the registry side, and reinstall with a fresh download of the driver from the manufacturer's website.
  7. Dr_Bob

    Email question.

    I would try to do it one more time and make sure you are not missing any CAPTCHA box or "I'm not a robot" check box and try to resend. Odds are it is either something small missed or their site was having a hiccup.
  8. Dr_Bob

    Incorrect Password for login After update

    Are you logging in with an email address or an actual user name? If a user name make sure to use pcname\username to force it to log into the local account. If you are logging in with a MS email address account then all you need to do is enter the email address and your PW.
  9. Dr_Bob

    laptop booting to bios

    Can you see the HDD in the BIOS when it is connected? Can you make a USB bootable and see if it sees that in the boot devices?
  10. One last thing before I go,  if I may.  PCS  has left the forum for whatever reason and I hope the reason is a bad one.  But I have also noticed that roadrage hasn't been on the forum for a while.  And, a while back I sent him a PM that he didn't answer.  Just wondered if you knew anything.  Thanks. 

    1. Dr_Bob


      Ive tried tracking down PCS and wasnt able to find him.  I have him as a contact on Facebook, LinkedIn, have his email address, and I think his cell number but cant reach him.  I honestly think something bad likely happened.

      Roadrage it has been a month or so since I saw him posting.  I honestly dont know much and am only "friends" with him on here.  Hopefully all is well with him.  I know he does get busy and is MIA for short times.

    2. kemperhills


      Thanks, God bless.

  11. Dr_Bob

    windows 10 installation

    So do you have multiple disk drives or partitions? If it is broken into partitions then just format the one partition that has Windows on it and do no touch the other one and install on the newly formatted partition.
  12. Dr_Bob

    Cannot Upgrade to Windows 10

    You would likely need to install a normal W7 Home/Pro/Ultimate to do the upgrade you are trying to do. If you straight out Buy W10 and do a fresh install you shouldnt have an issue.
  13. Dr_Bob


    I got to ask, did you try putting back in the old RAM and seeing if it BSODs anymore? I have sen RAM pass as many as 74 consecutive tests in a row and fail on number 75.......
  14. Dr_Bob

    Bluetooth blocked by Windows 10

    Can you please tell me how your computer is set up? The original post you say that this is a Linux issue because Windows wont let your Bluetooth adapter work. Well if that is the case, then you have to have Windows installed as the Host OS and you are running a Virtual Machine of Linux. Otherwise, if you are dual booting Windows and Linux side by side neither OS can mess with the other one. So until you address exactly how you have your PC set up I cannot assist further.
  15. Dr_Bob

    Bluetooth blocked by Windows 10

    I agree with Mademore that Windows isnt necessarily at fault here and it does sound like missing drivers. What Im confused about though is how this system is set up. Are you only running Windows on this machine? Are you running Windows and then a virtual machine of Linux or the other way around? Are you dual booting with both Windows and Linux installed? If you need the Windows driver: https://www.asus.com/us/Laptops/X555YA/HelpDesk_Download/