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  1. new build

    Dave just a ? about the ram mine is 3000mzh and the bios says its 2166 should I change it or keep as is thanks again Dave
  2. new build

    Dave its all working I cant thank you enough for all your help I would not have done it without your help Manny Thanks
  3. new build

    hi Dave changed the cables found it in disk management it says Disk 0 basic 1869.89gb online 1869.89gb unallocated what do I do now
  4. new build

    yes I'm in windows I found disk management its got 3 first one says C: ntfs boot the second Disk 0 partition 1 healthy recovery partition third Disk 0 partition 2 healthy efi system partition but no 2tb drive sorry dave I'm not computer savey thanks
  5. new build

    well Dave writing this on my new computer now I put the cpu fan in right when I installed windows I put the ssd drive as boot when it installed It I can only find one drive I think its the ssd because it says 954gb free were is the other one the 2tb Seagate it says there are three in the bios top is windows boot manager then critical then pi : atapi ihas124 F but I cant find it in windows thanks
  6. new build

    yes thanks I put in the cpu opt I didn't see the other one eyes getting bad
  7. new build

    hi all put all the parts together turned it on when it starts it beeps and says CPU fan speed error detected ensure that the cpu fan is properly installed on the cpu fan header or adjust/disable the fan speed low limit option in uefi bios when I click f1 on go in bios got to monitor moved the low from 200-600 saved started the same so tried disabled fan run high tried that the same don't know what else to do everything else is working in the bios it say motherboard tem21 cpu 32 it shows the fan at 2058 help needed thank you
  8. new build

    Hello all well its been 5 years since my first computer build I have got to say its been perfect its never gone wrong in 5 years so now its time for a new one I play games skyrim online fallout 4 rise of the tomb raider assassin creed my wife brought me a new monitor for my birthday a Asus swift PG279Q so here are the parts for new build mother board asus intel rog stix Z270e gaming motherboard lga 1151 atx prossesor intel core i7-7700 3.60ghz socket 1151 8mb retail boxed graphic card gigabyte GeForce gtx 1080 g1 gaming oc 8gb ram corsair vengeance lpx ddr4 2x 8gb pc4-2240 3000mhz power supply corsair hx750i 750 watt power sshd Seagate firecuba 2tb 3.5 hard drive opical drive liteon I has 124 24x internal dvd writer with sata oem case titan black gaming case with 2x front fans 1x rear and windows 10 home 64-bit oem I have just got a critical ssd drive 300 1tb sata 3 hard drive on sale £214 pounds have I forgotten anything its a family pc im 65 now so this ones got to last at least another 5 years hope you all had a good new year wish you all the best for 2018 many thanks