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  1. Yes sir, it was. Give that man a seegar.
  2. I am trying to install W7 on an XW-4400 Workstation board. I used this board several years ago and it works well even today. I had installed W7 and when trying to download updates discovered that the board only had 1 GB of ram. So I shut it down and installed 3 GB RAM and tried to reboot. After the BIOS screen I would get a black screen with the option to "Start Windows Normally" or "Repair the computer". Running the Repair the computer only gets a message that the repair can't be done. So I am trying to reinstall the OS and every time the process gets past the BIOS screen I the a BSOD 0x000000BE. I tried looking on the Web but this must be a very general BSOD that has many causes. I really couldn't make heads or tails of what was said. Anyone have a suggestion. Thanks.
  3. I formatted with USEase Partition Master after creating the primary partition. No go on formatting with W7 disk. When the installation gets to that point format, new, etc is grayed out. Thanks. Don't worry about it. Just a retired person playing around to ward of boredom. I get something into my head and I try to find a way to accomplish it. Saw another adapter on e-bay that converts the SSD to SATA. Will probably get that adapter and do it that way. Waste of time, probably. But when all you have is time it is fun just to try. muchas gracias Bob, I always appreciate the help.
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-3-0-to-Mini-PCIE-mSATA-SSD-mSATA-to-USB-3-0-SSD-not-need-USB-cable/123089176171?epid=16018293713&hash=item1ca8afc66b:g:pqIAAOSwTdda2bu7 My bad. I had to look it up and they call it an adapter.
  5. I have a USB motherboard[I think that is what it would be called] that accepts an MX200 mSATA SSD. The SSD was in an Acer tablet that I bricked. I mounted the SSD on the motherboard??? and inserted it into a USB port. I had the desktop board BIOs set to boot from USB. When I booted the desktop it tried to boot from the SSD but would open screen saying something about running a repair thingy. As the SSD was out of the tablet it wouldn't boot. So, I used US Partition Master, deleted all partitions, created one primary partition an tried to install W7 on the 250 GB SSD. It would not install. I have the desktop BIOS to boot from USB, the SSD is first in boot order and when I tried to install W7 on the SSD everything progressed fine until I had to select where to install W7. When I selected the SSD a message said that Windows could not be installed. Now my question: Since the BIOS recognizes the SDD as well as Device Manager, ans it shows up in My Computer, is there not at way to install W7 on the SSD inserted in a USB port. Remember the SSD tried to boot when W7 was already installed ob the SSD. Thanks PS: I finally found a browser that installs on XP and works perfectly on the internet have
  6. Thanks roadrage.
  7. I can't find, or don't know how to ask the question to find, the answer to this. I ran Vivard v 0.4 on a 2.5" WD 500 HDD I have mounted in a desktop with and adapter. This HDD is old, it has been laying on my desk for a couple of years. When I couldn't get the 80 GB HDD to work I installed the 500 GB. As old as it was I ran Vivard to see what shape it was in. So... First question: The "squares" that show the progress of Vivard equated one sector. But in running Vivard it showed 40 errors and 40 remaps. When Vivard finished it showed only one square red box. Again I have always believe that represented on sector. But on the right side of the screen was a list that listed forty different listing like 722114575 UNC with a down arrow to the left. Isn't this a listing of sectors. The at the top it said that the number I just showed had been successful remaped. It said nothing about the other 39. So, does the list of numbers represent sectors, does the squares represent sectors. If the numbers represent sectors why was their onlyl one red box. Or, does the squares not represent sectors. Hope this makes sense. Second question: What does UNC at the end of the numbers mean? I am cornfused and any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Later: Well, I spoke to soon. I deleted a wireless adapter driver to install a different wireless adapter driver and the thing wouldn't boot. Just a black screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner. But even worse I had been getting a message that the time and date were wrong so I went into BIOS to set the time and date and as I was doing so, I was holding the keyboard in my hand, I almost dropped the keyboard and my thumb hit a key. The screen went crazy with all kind of weird garbage on it. I turned off the computer, but now the motherboard won't do anything. Won't boot to BIOS. Swap the bios jumper and it won't boot into the maintenance screen, nothing. Oh well, I guess I just destroyed the board. Que, sera, sera. 3/31/19: I tried resetting the BIOS several times and it wouldn't work so I assumed I had destroyed the board. But I was reading on the internet and it said to reset the CMOS, so I did and the board still would not boot. So I powered up the board with the BIOS jumper off and as the board was trying to boot I put the jumper on pins one and two and the board started working again. As I have said before, working on computer is almost as much fun as mechanics. I don't know the number of times I have fixed a car, truck, etc. and not know what I did.
  9. I removed the HD from the computer and attached it to one of my office computer and it isn't recognized in BIOS, Device Manager, or My Computer. You're not going to believe this, and I am serious as a heart attack. Remember I couldn't get this HD to work when I put the motherboard and HDD inton another case. Remember I attached the HDD to my personal computer and it wasn't recognized in BIOS, Device Manager, or My Computer. Remember this! Well, guess what? I have a motherboard lying on a table and I was going to see if the board would boot. So I connected my PS, mouse, keyboard and HDD to the board and it booted correctly. The HDD is the one I have talked about in this thread. Seriously. The darned HDD worked with this board and now I have no idea why the HDD wouldn't work with the original board or my personal compute. This is crazy and if someone wants to accuse me of playing the forum, or outright lying, I'll understand
  10. Dave, there is ATT DSL here but the lines are so loaded that they won't accept any new subscribers. Our only option here, at the present, is satellite internet; which IMO is junk. Already contacted them. According to them everything is working properly, the speeds are correct. So when the contract expires, Hughes Net expires. And, as Dave said, it really makes me angry, especially for what we are paying for the service.
  11. Criminy Bob, you the man, top tech, computer wizard par excellence. I installed SP1 today and the darn thing updated. Several times SP1 was in the list of updates but I didn't notice that SP1 never installed. Today, when I noticed that, I installed SP1. Thanks for the explanation.
  12. You did good, now also get some new thumb drives to to save your important files from the new HD Have a handful of 8 GB, some 32 GB drives in my drawer just waiting for the inevitable. Before I started "backing up" my thumb drives I had and 8 GB drive almost full of utilities that I used went bad. I used it one day to install, say, Hitman Pro and the next time I tried to use it the darn thing wouldn't work. Took me a long time to get back what I lost when the drive went South. Never heard of such a beast. Thanks, will remember that for future reference
  13. No Bob, it is a SATA drive I was trying to replace the 1 TB HDD in my personal desktop. Thanks Thanks Dave, I did all that and it was not recognized in BIOS.
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