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  1. Hello W10. In my last topic I mentioned Frequent Disconnection. I was advised to do ipconfig /flushdns, and I do so. Before doing so, on Epic Browser, I could read my emails on gmx.com. Now, when I sign in I cannot get to my email page. Instead I get these, 'Loading content error'. 'Click here to reload the page'. 'Upload files'. How can I Unflush Dns ?.
  2. Frequent disconnection/Laptop

    Okay, thank you. Will do and let you know.
  3. Hello guys I have been getting frequent disconnections. One of the messages I get is, 'None of the networks you previously connected to are in range'. Another is, ' There is no internet connection'. After a while though, after manually trying to connect, service is restored, and will mostly remain so until I log off. What checks should do to rectify, please ?. Thanks
  4. Hi I need to find easiest way to transfer Text Messages from my Xperia E1 to my PC. Never done this before. Any advice on this please. Thanks
  5. Chrome saved Card details

    Thank you. I always double check if I am not sure.
  6. Chrome saved Card details

    Thank you. I only have 2 Browsers, MS Edge and Epic. A Chrome window popped up offering a choice, but before I reacted it disappeared, so I do not if it saved the Card details.
  7. Chrome saved Card details

    Hi I use Epic Browser and when filling in a Form a Chrome window appeared and it seem to have saved my Card details. How can I find and delete it ?. Thank you Leman
  8. Hello guys I am running a Desktop with W7, and a Laptop with W10, both via Netgear Router. I have a Desktop running WXP on which I intend to install Linux for trial. For the WXP I bought a TP-Link, TL--WN823N WiFi adapter, but I am having some difficulty in setting it up. Can someone advise me on the procedure please. Thank you Leman
  9. Hi This is HP xw4400 running W7. Avast antvirus. Virgin Media Netgear. After running security scan I got two warnings. 1. Your device is not configured correctly. 2. Weak wireless network security. Can someone please advise how to rectify same. Would there be any tutorial available, as I am no familiar with that. Thank you. Laman