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  1. Hi I have a user with an issue, in outlook 2016 in office 365, when i set up the to do bar for them it will show the calendar but not the calander entries, i have done this on numerous PCs it works no problem in here on outlook 2016 etc usually in calerdar i go to view- to do list - and i tick what i want calender, people tasks, but when i do this for him they still dont appear only his calendar shows up in to do pane any ideas
  2. I have a Toshiba thats only a Pic i used
  3. Hi i have a windows 10 Toshiba laptop getting this error on Boot up , any ideas what is causing this and a fix?, and also how can i access windows 10 on boot up tapping f8 doesnt work
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    Hi i have a dell latitude E5570 i tried to downgrade to windows 7 had aload of issues so i done a factory reset and now i have windows 10 again, the problem is when i boot the mavhine it says no boot device detected, but if i go to boot menu and boot from windows boot manager it loads windows 10, how do i configure to start windows 10 automatically?
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