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    Email question.

    I understand! It just puzzles me I have not, so far, even received what you called an "automated response". Cuomo is the anchor for a show called "New Day" and viewers are invited to send an email expressing an opinion on some part of the programme or an email simply asking for information. In other words viewer participation is encouraged so it surprises me that an acknowledgement, of some kind, is not forthcoming.
  2. Yezhov

    Email question.

    Basically I'm ignorant about computers! All I do is send some emails and surf the net, but I will eventually learn how to paste. At present,Is it possible for you to go to the CNN website, click on CNN anchors and attempt to send an email to Chris Cuomo. Note,at first I type "CNN contact" into Google.
  3. Yezhov

    Email question.

    I tried again today and was told the email had been sent. I asked for confirmation to be sent and so I will check my email later today or tomorrow..
  4. Yezhov

    Email question.

    Not quite sure exactly what I have to do here. Can you explain further?
  5. Yezhov

    Email question.

    Thanks for the reply.! I'm pretty sure I have only ever sent 2 emails from websites.. The first was to ( a UK government body) the DVLA. I received an acknowledgement sent to my email address next day. After I had written the email to CNN, then clicked send, this page vanished but then appeared again as if I had not filled in the required information mentioned in my first email. I then looked at the email address I gave, but there was no acknowledgement my email had reached them.. If the email had reached CNN I would have expected a response to my question or, at least, an automated response. Again, am I doing something wrong or is the problem more likely to be caused by some kind of flaw in the CNN website?
  6. Yezhov

    Email question.

    Probably the wrong sub forum, but a basic question. I am far from having any expertise! I live in the UK and my ISP is BT (British Telecom). I have 3 email accounts/addresses One at bt,, one at gmail and the other at Hotmail. I seem to be unable to send an email if I have to send the email directly from a website. For example,recently, I tried to send an email from the CNN.website. The usual type of email address was not given. I was simply asked to fill in my name, then my email address (I used my BT address) and lastly to click send. The email did not get through. What is the correct procedure for sending the email in this situation?
  7. Thanks for the information! Anyone willing, or able, to suggest a good, clear, basic book?
  8. I'm new to this forum and my technical knowledge is extremely limited! 1) Does anyone know if Microsoft are going to produce a Windows 11? I have found only conflicting information on the Internet. 2) I have found lots of Windows 10 books on the Internet. Any recommendations for a good basic book on Windows 10?
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