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  1. Pirated Softwares

    What is the penalty for copyright infringement? (for pirated games or windows os) in United States ? and when who connect to the internet that company can find he\she? i want to know much about that .....
  2. Root

    Thanks a lot Adrian Gates!!! and i am sorry because i could not Answer to you for long time
  3. Vista iso

    Hello Can you give link to me for download win vista 64 bit ? i searched in the google but i cant find iso file
  4. Hi i am using windows 8 release preview build 8400 (x64) How can i active windows 8 previews (release,developer,etc...) Microsoft shared this product keys but i cant activate this i also tried Kmspico but this is not useful for preview edition of windows Any idea?! usually when windows is not activated windows write ("windows is not activated") but this windows write("product ID:not available")
  5. Consumer

    Thanks a lot , its so helpful
  6. Can't install audio drivers.

    I guess if you install realtek hd audio controller your problem will be solved (About your computer audio problem)
  7. Consumer

    Do you have windows 8 consumer preview (64bit) iso image. microsoft removed the download link and i cant find this i need this image please send the live download link or image file
  8. Root

    Hi I have Huawei Y6 pro i cant root this mobile i used popular software cause a kingo root and i root but is not working Any idea?
  9. Ubuntu

    Can i install directx 11 in Ubuntu 17.04 ? i only tired directx 9c
  10. Hello How can i ultra compress data for example: i have gta v in 5 mb !!!!!! 7zip is so good compressor but this software cant compress 5gb or more to 5 mb How to do it ?! i also tried kgb archiver but cant compress to 5 mb ...... and also check benchmarks , the results show 7zip is better but 7zip cant compress files to 5 mb
  11. Linux

    Can i offline install wine I have tar.xz file but i cant install because need to "flex" and flex not installed
  12. Have a problem

    you can use winrar recovery tool open winrar-----> go to the archive address ------> select archive and click repair button winrar possible repair your archive
  13. Compression

    Change method in "compress this folder to save disk space" in windows compression
  14. can't get windows 8.1 to boot on usb

    You can use power iso instead this program can create bootable usb this is link: https://www.poweriso.com/download.php i tried it's so good program
  15. can change windows compression algorithm when compress a folder to save disk space?(Because LZMA method is better for compression)