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  1. edrock200

    Asus GL702VS-AH73 Power Adapter Challenge

    Awesome! Nice. I'm contemplating getting the cheaper 7.4mm x 5mm power supply and retrofitting my own adapter to 6mm x 3.7mm but those barrel connectors seem to be a very rare size! I was just doing it to have a spare psu though. I'm glad the short with your original didn't fry your laptop!
  2. edrock200

    Asus GL702VS-AH73 Power Adapter Challenge

    It's not the one linked above. Even though part numbers are identical the new ones are 7mm x 5.5mm, the ones for our laptop are 6mm x 3.7mm http://www.new-power-adapter.com/asus-rog-strix-gl702vs-ah73-notebook-230w-power-ac-adapter-charger-7729.html