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  1. Block

    Broken Capacitor

    A capacitor broke off of the motherboard of my laptop. I am having trouble finding a replacement of for it. I am not familiar with the markings on this one for capacitance, and polarity. Below shows the pictures of the broken capacitor, its spot on the motherboard, and an identical capacitor still on the motherboard.
  2. Block

    MSI Laptop won't power on

    I removed both the main battery and the CMOS battery. It was working perfectly a few hours before the issue started and suddenly wouldn't power on. It didn't fall or have anything spilled on it, just stopped working with no clear cause
  3. Block

    MSI Laptop won't power on

    I removed the RAM and it still does the same thing. The keyboard and power button light quickly and immediately turns off again
  4. I have an MSI GS30 Shadow, and it isn't powering on. When I push the power button the keyboard will light up and immediately turn back off. This happens while plugged into a charger, as well as without one. I have tried to take the battery out and have had the same results