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  1. Strange Pc problem

    Thanks for the help, but no. Im not a novice user, and using firefox with noscript and ublock origin with no-coin lists. From what i manage to investigate, must be the OROM of my NIC firmware or a driver that cause a loop and seeing UP/DOWN activity, which isnt really there.
  2. Strange Pc problem

    Ok, I have the stranger problem that i ever seen. At random times, from what i saw when im using the internet or watching some streams, my PC shows upload AND download, of over 100Mbits, sometimes going to 1Gbits, concurrent. During this time my PC starts freezing and stuttering until i either close all the streams or pull the ethernet cable. So i thought that it might be the browser, or the OS or the drivers etc etc. For the past 10 days, i clean format my PC over 5 times, putting Win7, 8.1 and 10. Trying different network drivers or the default drivers. I modded my BIOS with UBU and updated the NIC ROM, i try 5 different browsers and even after all of these, still happening. I just dont know what is it to even try and tackle the problem. I dont see ANY actual network activity from my pc to the internal network or to the internet. (checking from my ubiquity router). Its just a ghost Upload/Download, that causing the PC to freeze (And with freeze, i dont see BSOD, it just coming to a stop and after a while, back to normal) I manage to screenshot the taskmanager when this happening here: https://imgur.com/a/TdbHv Thats just before the up/down went to over 800Mbits and PC froze completely, and when i removed the ethernet, went back to normal. Anyone have ANY idea what this is? Its really so strange. Also i have to add that my PC is connected to an unmanaged switch (netgear) and the switch to the edgerouterX, and from there to a bridged Arris modem. On the netgear switch, one more PC is connected. To the ErX, another 3 PCs are connected (having the eth1-4 as switch0). Specs: i7 4790k@4.6Ghz 16Gb DDR3 Kingston HyperX Asus Hero VII motherboard 850W EVGA PSU 6 HDDs, different sizes as backups 1 SSD Samsung 850 PRO 256gb MSI GTX970 Gaming