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  1. I have 2 fans on my heat sink and I have a fan in the front and the back of the case (both of which came with it). Are there any guides about how to clean the heat sink and fan of a GPU? I've never done that before.
  2. I just got another freeze-up and my GPU temp was at 75 C while everything else was at 50 or lower.
  3. Specs: OS - Win 10 CPU - Intel i5-7600k 3.80GHz GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB MoBo - ROG Maximus Hero IX Memory - 16Gb SSD - 0.5 Gb HDD - 1 Tb Capture Card - Elgato HD60 Pro Hey guys, I am at a loss here for what to do. About a year and a half ago my PC started to randomly crash/freeze while I was playing games/streaming. I did a bunch of stress tests about a year ago, memtest, running stresses on CPU and GPU, and doing this with a test stream open and a game running, but I could never find a way to reliably recreate the problem. I eventually took my PC into a repair place where they apparently also did a bunch of stress tests, but they said they weren't able to recreate the issue either. Well, I stopped streaming, but the issue has still been persisting, though it wasn't often enough to worry about, however in the past few days I have crashed/frozen/BSOD at least 10 times while playing games or watching videos. I would really appreciate any help you guys could give me. Thanks!
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