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  1. Dr. Bob, no I do not have a secondary system to test the CPU. The CPU is from another system. I know the PSU is in good order. I did a check on each individual node and all of the readings came back as they should. There is no way to test this with out the CPU in the board is there? Thanks for your help with all of this.
  2. @Dave, I have bypassed the power switch. Runs turns off etc etc. It doesn't even shut down long enough for the PC fan to stop spinning.
  3. Evening partygoers, I'm in the process of doing a pc build. The motherboard is a ASRock Fatal1ty z97. The cpu is an i5-4690k. The problem is that the computer (with just the mobo/fan and chip) will turn on and run for about 30 seconds, power down for about 3 seconds and starts back up and is the same cycle over and over. The psu is a 750w so I don't think that should be a problem with what little I have running. First I thought is might be RAM because I didn't realize I was running 1.5 in a 1.3. That didn't fix the issue so I went to the very basics. Yes, I did reset the bios several time but since the computer has never actually ran consistently trying to reset the bios was never a problem solver. I have I have tightened all screws and check for lose connections but there doesn't seem to be any issues. The motherboard IS used but my friend would never send me a board that had problems that he would have known about. I also called a local pc shop to see if they could run a POST but once they were given my 411 they said no. Thanks in advance.
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