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  1. I triedd eveyrthing I could to get the contacts to make a connection/short, the laptop does not power on. At this point i am starting to fear that the issue i am seeing has nothing to do with the power key, but is related to something else. I don't feel confident that a new keyboard will address my issue. What other throubleshooting steps could I take?
  2. I tried the spray, didn't help. I gutted the key, pics attached, not sure why it's not working. What can I do to emulate what the press does and be sure that it makes the right contact? The keyboard to motherboard connectors look super healthy, no dirt/gunk/spills that I could see anywhere. But the key looks clean too, so I am at a loss to understand why I can't power on.
  3. Here are some pics. I actually can't imagine why they would do that, but I feel pretty confident that ASUS didn't build this to be replaceable, at least not on its own... :( Note that I put a guitar pick in between the keyboard and the palm rest enclosure, and while it got in between, I couldn't really detach the two with reasonable amount of force :(
  4. Thank you!! I had seen that video, but didn't really understand exactly where to spray, as I thought that doing it from the top, after removing the key cover, wouldn't get into the contacts... Aren't those sealed? I was able to disassemble and remove the motherboard (the ifixit instructions help, though the model has a layout that is a little different, it's similar enough :)) , but the keyboard seems attached to the palm rest using a large number of plastic pins that are pretty short, but hold on firmly to the metal frame of the keyboard as they seem to have been melted at their very top and are wider than the hole in the metal frame. Any suggestion on whether there are pins I can try shorting? I can post pictures if it helps. Thanks again for the help!!! ☺
  5. The power button on my laptop started to become more and more unreliable in turning on the laptop. Usually this would start working after trying (sometimes 100 times), but now it has stopped working. I can't seem to find details on the motherboard (presumably a 60NB0DD0-MB5000?), but was wondering if there may be pins I can short on the motherboard to power it on. I'd also be interested in any troubleshooting recommendations, to see what may be the cause of the malfunction and what parts I may need to replace, and how, to get back into working conditions. I did disassemble the laptop, got the motherboard off, but wasn't able to pry the keyboard from the plastic palmrest support. Thanks! mauro
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