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Just Keeps Getting Worses

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System: Dell windows98se P3 prosessor

Was wondering why when I went to my hotmail account the screen was enlarged. Wasn't like that before. After I defraged my system(1st in a year) the next time I went to the hotmail it was back to normal. Now it's back to enlarged print. Thought it might be from a site my son was on.

"Had to stop in the middle, read below."

So I did a Disk Clean, Scan Disk, Defrag. Then Ran everything I have. From windows System Inforamtion, I ran System File Checker, Registry Checker, DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

Then ran Trend Micro PC-cillin (expired) Lava Soft Spyware 6.0, Avast 4.8 home, Reg cure. Plus in the system tray to the left, some of the button won't load.

Was going to start over this morning, ahd to quit last night(in the middle of evrything yesterday my son had to use the puter for school), so I quit. I didn't want to be up all night. So I went to try to go to safe mode this morning and it would not do it.

When I was tapping F8 a screen came up,

Set Blaster= A220 15 D3 T4

Disk Clean up.

Can't do the first 2 before the colon, but they were ` like that. One on top and bottom. The rest of the line looked like this.

:7\ LH C:\ windows \ AU 3 DOS.com

Mind you, it was dark in the room and didn't want to turn on the light and wake my wife. Plus, it didn't stay long before it loaded the desktop, the screen was black background, like a prompt writer screen. If you know what I mean.

Can't shut down puter from start button, have to shut down from tower, but I can live with that. Has been that way for some time. Although after the first defrag in a year it was working then quit. Was just happy to be able to defrag so I didn't bother with it.

Anyhow hate to be a pain,but any suggestions? I know ya'll probably get'n sick of seeing my name. :o

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It may be a driver corruption in the video or sound. Try reloading those drivers and run a diagnostic check on your hard drive.

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Last night was trying to check out the drivers like you suggested. Here is what I did.

Right clicked on my computer, went to properties. Hit device manager tab.

Clicked the + on Sound ,Video and Game Controllers.

One at a time I highlighted everything in the list.

Right clicked on each device and opened properties. Each had device status note.

It read " working properly "

All of them had this status.

Did not do a diagnosic check on HD. Will have to read the book to find out how.

Question #1 is, do I still need to run the check on HD?

There is a option in device properties for an update on devices.

#2 If they are working properly, should I do the update?

The reason why I ask this is the old saying, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Out of respect of your knowlage if you think I should, I will do it. You know better than me if it won't hurt to do so. Provided Microsoft has them available for Windows 98se, or maybe the update will take me to the manufacturer's website. I reckon if I do update I will find out.

I think the sound and video are the same manufacturer, Turtle Beach Montego.

So, what do you think? Thank you for your time.

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Honestly, I would attempt to reinstall the drivers for the sound. I remember some time ago having problems with versions of the montego sound cards. It was some sort of conflict using the pro version versus something else. Sorry it has been way too long.

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Still can't go to Safe Mode. Everytime I try it gives the Set Blaster window.

Can only do Scan Disk from Safe Mode. When I try from desktop it keeps restarting cause something is running and I don't know what. Always turn everything off, screensaver, wall paper, all icons in system tray I exit out of, and ctrl alt del (end task) everything except IE and systray. Thought maybe if I did a scan and fix errors it might help.

My hotmail is still blown out of perportion. Have to slide screen to see subject, time sent and size of file. It's weird, have an account with ISP, and it's fine, and a side account for when I drive over the road and it's ok too. Just hotmail is screwed up. (see 1st post)

Will try the reinstall of the sound drivers.

I'm willing to try anything at this point.

Can't even get my Help file to work right. Was looking at Dan Gookin's Windows 98 book, trying to figure out how to run the diagnostic on the HD, and when I check off the item to research, the result screen won't load.

Ready for back up tech support.........Smith & Wesson :D

Hope this puter will take my resourse disk.:eek:

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To run a hard drive diagnostic, you will have to create a bootable cd from the manufacturer of the hard drive.

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Would a reinstall of windows work? Just over my head with creating bootables. Not even sure this thing will let me. Am pretty sure I got some spyware in here causing me some of the problems. Can't download Spybot, setup file keeps coming in corrupted. Man, with money so tight I hate to call in a at home tech.:( Hmm, maybe I'll have my son check with his freinds from school to see if any of them are studying computer science, or something along that line. Am getting desperate.:o

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