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History Delete

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Hello i understand that when i use Ccleaner or something like that to erase history (using w98se) a copy of that history gets booted to another section of the hard drive and gets saved and that it can be re covered with special software?

Is there any way to erase that saved history short of formatting the hd ?

Also has anyone ever reviewed the hugh amount of history erasers they are a dime a dozen and sometimes what they think should be erased in very scary as to what is the best to use and why they miss so much and never seem to get 100% of history deleted ?

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cCleaner should get everything. No program is perfect however and cCleaner is highly recommended here. I can tell you that nothing is actually removed from yours or any drive when it's deleted. What happens is that space is used for new data. When it's overwritten that's when it's truly gone.

As for reviews, I would suggest doing a Google search. I'm not aware of any right off the top of my head.

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