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Graduating From "Old School"... Going WiFi...

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I have always been a "wired" kinda guy. Have never really embraced the WiFi revolution...

But now the wife is tired of cat-5 cabling taped down all over the floor.. Going under the house to wire is too much of a pain.. Plus it's DARK under there!! :rolleyes:

Anyways, so I have my Home LAN on wifi..

The wife's computer in the dining room seems to be OK.. It's about 30 feet from the DSL Modem/Router/Wifi with direct LOS and she get's decent access..

My new HTPC ( is a little different. It's a bit further than the wife's PC (another 20 feet) but still direct LOS.. I have the HDs from the HTPC (HOLODECK) mapped to my main PC (ENTERPRISE) (sensing a pattern?? :D) which allows me to copy my shows that I download from ENTERPRISE to HOLODECK..

The problem is, the copy rate is horrendously slow... I started a copy from HOLODECK to ENTERPRISE last night around 1800 and it's STILL being copied now (0700) with 3 hours left to go. And it's just 21 gigs!!...

It's possible I am overtaxing my WiFi.. I have 2 PCs hooked to the wifi, plus 3 DCS920 IP Cameras are also on the wifi.. The DSL Modem is an old Netopia Cayman 3347W which actually gives me faster connection speeds than AT&Ts new 2Wire White DSL Modem..

So, where is my bottleneck?? The modem?? Just overtaxing WiFi in general???

Any hints/tips would be most appreciated..


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Wifi is like 300Mbps maximum, the slowest wired connection is like 350Mbps. Cat 6 I think is up to 1000Mbps. There may be faster wifi now not sure. That's probably why it's slower to copy, wifi just isn't as speedy as wired.

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