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Problem with LAN, possibly network adaptor or new modem/router

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I have a 2.80 GHz Intel Core i5-2300, 64 bit, Windows 7 Ultimate desktop with a modem/router as well as a router that covers the further part of the house. We have quite a few laptops.


When the trouble started, I had a Netgear DGN2000 modem/router connected with an ADSL line to the desktop and an Airlive router, also connected with an ADSL line to the Netgear. The Airlive stopped working and I replaced it with a TRENDnet TEW-736RE which from the start we had trouble with-the connection was erratic, etc. Once this problem is fixed, I will start with that one.


Just after installing the TRENDnet TEW-736RE, my troubles started. The internet on the desktop either was very slow or there was no internet. With the help of my ISP and numerous changes in settings, we could not get any internet on the desktop. BUT, we found that with an ADSL line connected to the Netgear or wireless, I could get a good signal on my laptop.


I then bought a TP-Link TD-W8960N modem/router, but same problem persists. Good wireless to all the laptops, occasional or no internet on the desktop and sometimes even fast internet on the desktop.


With regards to the modem/router, if the light (indicated with the white line) is not on, there is no internet at all to the desktop and laptops. I usually check the lines then, but to no effect.




That light is not even indicated in the guideline:








In this case, the modem/router and desktop was off for an hour, the light is burning, but no internet at the desktop and laptop.






I have no idea what is going on. I am not sure if it is the network adaptor of the desktop, or the wireless modem/router or anything else.



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I'm confused. So you have two routers on the same network? You should only run one router on a network. If you need to run two to extend the network, disable the DHCP functionality in the second one...


Can you ping the router from the desktop? Open and command prompt and type either ping or ping and see if you get a response?


Also from the command prompt, type ipconfig /all


What is the IPV4 IP address of the computer? Does it begin with 192.168.x.x or is it something like 169.254.x.x?


You should reset any changes you make to the network adapter and make sure it is trying to Obtain IP Address Automatically. This will ensure it is getting an IP address from the router (and using your ISPs DNS servers).


Lastly, make sure you have link lights flashing from the network adapter on the back of the computer when connected to the router.

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I think we need a network map so we can see how it's all set up.  Than we'd need your IP map to see how you have them all talking to each other... which one's have dhcp on or off and what the settings are. 


Basically, you could start over with the setup... you should have the modem connected to the ADSL line.  From there you can connect one of the routers to it.  If you are going to connect any other routers to the first router than turn off dhcp on them and use them as just a switch.  Why are you connecting more than one router to the modem?


This might just be a case where you are using more hardware than you need, you may be able to buy just one quality wifi/router and complete the whole job.

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