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Vo Anton

Windows 10 downgrade to 7 how?


So I´m getting pretty much tired of Windows 10 because I can´t install amd catalyst for my driver somehow and now i can´t play any games and CPU and Data disk are always at 100%. Windows 10 is full of issues....

Now i want to downgrade via media creation tool which microsoft offers but i don´t have a Windows 7 product key to download it.

The option within Windows update is also gone to downgrade to 7.

Thanks if anybody can guide me through this misery..

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You'll need the product key in order to use the media creation tool. So this machine was originally Windows 7 but there is no sticker on the computer anywhere?

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16 minutes ago, Dave@Bytes said:

You'll need the product key in order to use the media creation tool. So this machine was originally Windows 7 but there is no sticker on the computer anywhere?

No, originally it was already Windows 10. I used a programm to display my product key and then used it to download it but it didn´t work.

And nope no sticker with the product key on it.

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I have the best solution for you to revert back to windows 7 from windows 10. Open the link <removed link>, follow the steps and get your windows 7 back.

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