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Have Virtual Machines?

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Veeam availability suite covers your VM backup needs, it also allows for a sandbox like environment. I work with the program and it's actually fantastic.

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I totally agree with you. I have been using it from a long time and have similar type of problem and thus also been using one of the best virtual assistant app which has helped me in working on my meeting and scheduling them very well. You can also try it.

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    • By Rembrandt
      I have some old Quicken files on my old Windows ME laptop that I want to transfer to my new Windows 7 laptop.  Obviously the new laptop doesn't have a 3 1/4"  floppy drive and my old laptop doesn't have USB ports.  The only drive common to both is a CD drive.  When I try to backup to drive D: I get the message:
      "Unable to access the disk in drive D:  Please make sure the drive is ready and the disk is not write protected."  If I hit <Enter> I get:  "D:\ is not accessible.  The drive is not ready."  There's nothing wrong with the CD drive....I can install programs from a CD onto the old laptop.  
      Any advice...what am I doing wrong?
    • By gppatnude
      I try to back up by system on a regular schedule, but it seem to take so long, so I spent all afternoon today watching the entire process.
      i have a 1-Terrabyte internal drive and a 500GB external drive.  
      I do my backup doing a "COPY TO" by selecting and dragging to the target external drive.  I did it in 3 separate phases:  
      I had all 3 processes running simultaneously, but no user applications.  They all started running and appeared to be working just fine.
      First I did a backup all "WINDOWS (C:) stuff, EXCEPT for the "Users" file folder.  It indicated it would take more than 18 hours
      Second I did a backup of the "Users" file folder, except my own "userid".  For some reason, this one locked up a few minutes after I started it, so I terminated that process after only a few minutes, but AFTER I had started the next process.  .  
      Third I did a backup of just my own personal "userid" stuff.  It started out estimating a time-to-complete of about 3.5 hours.
      The first and third processes ran for a little more than 2 hours while I worked on cleaning off my desk.  I was checking to see how things were progressing and my personal "userid" backup was at about 45 minutes, so I started watching more closely.
      Both processes seemed to run well for a while, but the FIRST got to a point and stalled, indicating 18+ hours remaining.  It did nothing until the THIRD process [my personal "userid" backup] was complete.  
      The last 20-25 minutes of the THIRD process, was confusing as the copy-to process indicated 15-thousand files, all of ZERO BYTES.
      When it finished, the FIRST PROCESS restarted and it also show thousands of files, all with ZERO BYTES.  
      If possible, please answer me directly by email.  
    • By biryaniwala
      I recently bought a TL-WL722N usb adapter for my pc, It worked perfectly fine, I configured the wireless adapter for one of my virtual box vm's, When the VM is switched on the adapter got disconnected and it reconnects itself after the VM is closed, I am unable to understand what is causing thius problem. Today i tried removing it and reconnecting it, I got Blue Screen Error. Any Ideas would be much appreciated and thanks in Advance.
    • By CaliforniaQueen
      I need a powersupply or a chord for HP LTO 5 3280
      Does anyone know what this is called
      Page 27
    • By IAmMe
      Hi everyone, 

      a few days ago my Windows 7 desktop computer suddenly decided to BSOD with unmountable boot volume error. Last known good configuration option didn't work, so I went to safe mode to do chkdsk as many recommend for these type of errors. I didn't help and the next day I was unable to even enter safe mode, as the loading got stuck on driver called apmwin.sys by Paragon software (I used the software to load mac formatted HDD's) and a small glitch appeared on the top of the screen. 
      After these events, I tried resetting UEFI settings to default, but nothing happened. The only option left was to boot from HBCD. I used the chkdsk application from there, scanned my PC for viruses and rootkits, also scanned my HDD's health but every test showed that it is fine and no bad sectors were found, memtest also found no errors. Losing hope, I decided to delete the paragon apmwin.sys file as I thought maybe it was causing the confusion and mounting wrong drives or something,  that was not a clever move as now the BSOD window shows not a unmountable_boot_volume error but a generic one with no precise information. 

      Should I try something else or should I just backup the contents of my HDD asap? If I make a system image from HBCD, will it have the some boot problems? Would that mean I should just make a back of the necessary files and a new installation of Windows 7?  

      Could I try those mbrcheck mbrfix applications on HBCD or are they besides the problem? 

      Thank you all for the help in advance!