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Snow Storm

PS3 Network ip address 169.254.*.*

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Hello guys, I am running a jailbroken PS3 with ProDG manager. The PS3 can connect wirelessly to the network no problem. I have a modem router from UPC called UPC Connect Box. For real time modding I need to connect the PS3 to my laptop using proDG manager which is a tool created by Sony to connect to PC. In order to do one way is to share the internet connection from my lap top which is running windows 10.

Sharing the internet connection with the ethernet connection in the lap top itself. The lap top ethernet connection is hard wired to the PS3 ethernet port. The lap top ethernet connection sets itself up with an IP address which is the following: - subnet mask

On the PS3 under network settings i set it up as a wired connection and leave all the rest in automatic. This has worked in the past intermittently. That is every time my console freezes i lose the shared connection and from there onwards PS3 displays ip address private networks only.

Besides being able to connect my laptop to the ps3 for real time modifications this type of connection gives me in excess of 20 mbps whereas the wireless one rarely exceeds 9 mbps. I cannot move the router from where it is and any how i always would need this type of connection ps3 to laptop for modding purposes.

Now this has been going on for 3 months now and everytime i lose internet connection sharing i resort to all sorts of checks including reformatting both ps3 and laptop. The ethernet cable i use to connect ps3 to laptop works fine.

Can anyone please advise me on the reason why I am getting private networks only address and how to solve it?

Many thanks in advance


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I'm not familiar with consoles, so I don't have like any knowledge with the OS of those things.  Is there anyway you can tell the PS3 to renew the IP address information?  I am presuming the modding causes the PS3 to lock up, right? 

Instead of reformatting, could you just restart the network?  Power off the modem/router, unplug the ethernet between the pc and the ps3, and then plug in the modem/router followed by plugging in the ethernet between the pc and ps3.  This forces the hardware to obtain IP address information.  Then it should change the IP address from 169.254.x.x (Microsoft's auto internal ip address scope), to 192.168.0.x (class C). 

This maybe the only way to go about refreshing the IP address information because it may not be possible to tell the PS3 OS to obtain its IP address information from the DHCP server.  Again you know more than me about the capabilities of the PS3 OS.

Reformatting is another way to go about what restarting the network does.  It forces the acquisition of IP address info from the DHCP server.

To query the DHCP from the Windows 10 machine, get to a command prompt and run these commands:

ipconfig /renew


ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

How does power cycling the PS3 work?  Does that sometimes fix the issue?

My initial hunch is that the PS3 OS either isn't being used right by telling it to query the DHCP server, or there literally is no way you can really tell the OS to do that, unless you force the hardware physically the acquire the information.  Reformatting is one way to go about doing that, I would suggest power cycling your network, because it does the same thing without having to reinstall an OS.

The reason why you are getting a 169.254.x.x address is because a computer has to have IP address information, and if the NIC doesn't pick up IP address info from the DHCP server the OS will configure an auto IP address in the 169.254.x.x range in the event the DHCP server is down, the devices can still communicate with one another. 

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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my query.

1) console freeze. PS3 can freeze for a number of reason among which: heavy spawning of objects in the game causing the ps3 memory to run low. Congestion in Rockstar servers since i am talking about playing GTA V online.ISP high traffic volume. It could also be the mbps at download and/or upload but that is not my case since with an ICS and ps3 connected to laptop via ethernet i get about 20 mbps.

2) Restart the network and unplug connections. Sorry I have not mentioned this in my original brief because it was a basic and obvious step to take. I must have done it dozens of times to no avail. That is why I have resorted to reformat the machines as radical decision. But after reformatting the connection has been possible but not regularly enough. That is to say it did work on and off. Very impredictable, so much to tell me that that is not where the problem and the solution lays.

3) same applies to ps3 power cycle and needless to say you cannot ipconfig/release the ps3. That is just not an  option on the menus.

4 ipconfig/release, ipconfig/renew I will try those from the laptop and let you know if they have any beneficial effect.

Ultimately based on what you said i think we should investigate the possible reasons why the ps3 and or the ethernet connection dont get an IP address.

I also have a problem showing on the network ethernet connections when i run diagnostics from the router. I will take a scree shot and send it to you next. That is something that the ISP could not help me resolve. They just said that the ethernet connection im using is not showing in their chart because it is not connected directly to the router, so they cannot do anything about it.

Ill keep you posted with some progress

Many thanks

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On 3/4/2017 at 0:25 AM, Snow Storm said:

In order to do one way is to share the internet connection from my lap top which is running windows 10.

Sharing the internet connection with the ethernet connection in the lap top itself.

Just for clarification sake can you tell us how you set that up? in detail.  Is it through windows or is it through the app that you are using for ps3 thats running in windows?

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wifi properties on laptop

internet connection sharing

-allow other networks users to connect through the computers internet connection / ticked

-allow other network users to control or disable the shared internet connection / not ticked because it causes network problems, tried this in the past and it would not work.

ethernet, Realtek PCle GBE Family controller

Peoperties, Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), Properties

Use the following IP address

subnet mask

default gateway blank

Use the following dns server addresss:

preferred DNS server / blank

alternate DNS server / blank

ProDG Target Manager for PS3 v420.1.14.7

This is the app that connects the laptop to the PS3


once the internet connection sharing is set up and working, with an ethernet cable linking PS3 and laptop the ProDG will seek out the PS3 IP address (which would be something like for example, if the PS3 manages to receive a valid IP address from DHCP).

After finding the PS3 IP address the app will then proceed to connect with an F7 command or by clicking connect on the menu.

With a connection established I can then proceed to use other software through this connection for PS3 real time modifications.


This is the set up in detail. I hope I have answered your question, if not please let me know. 

Thankfully Snow Storm

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do you have to do this part: 

ethernet, Realtek PCle GBE Family controller

Peoperties, Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), Properties

Use the following IP address

do you have to specify the ip? you can't simply change it in ur ps3 app should the ip change?

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As soon as you enable Internet Connection Sharing on WI-FI the ethernet connection is changed like that by windows 10, automatically. I do not have to insert that IP address, which mimics the router.

Regarding the PS3 you have a number of combinations to chose from but the first one that should work if the network has no bugs is:

go to network settings in the XMB menu which is in the main screen, 

internet connection settings


wired connection

Auto-Detect the 10BASE options

IP address Automatic

Set the DHCP host name it is not necessary but I do set it

DNS settings automatic

MTU automatic

Proxy Server do not use

UPnP enable

This is the complete list of settings which if everything is in good order in the network should enable obtaining an IP address in the 137 range automatically like so:


As i said it has worked at times but it is really hit and miss


And the PS3 app ProDG manager only serves the purpose of connecting the lap top and the PS3 after these operations have been successful. It plays no role in setting it up. Infact if everything done so far is successful then you would go to ProDG manager on your laptop with the ethernet cable plugged in in both PS3 and laptop, and ProDG manager would find the PS3 according to the IP address that Ps3 has found thus far.

So like in the picture I posted ProDG Manager would find the PS3 under

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Is it possible to do a static IP address scheme?  Meaning could you manually put in the IP address information?

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In the PS3 yes it is possible

If the automatic procedure I have gone through so far doesnt work that is the next thing I do. I go and set initially only the DNS settings manually to read

then if that doesnt work, which at this stage it never does because i keep getting Private networks only, I go ahead and also set manually a static IP address for the PS3. And that doesnt work.

So temporarily i go back to wireless which works and try to figure out what is wrong with the system.

I reboot the network

unplug everything

wait may be for a night but the following day when i go back and try to connect the PS3 wired im getting private networks only.

This goes on for so long until i reformat both laptop and PS3 and then it works until the next break down which can be only a matter of days.

in the past as an intermediate measure i uninstalled the ethernet connection driver and then re-installed it but that didnt make a difference neither.

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When you say that the static IP addressing doesn't work, there's a thought that comes to mind.

I wish I knew more on how Internet Connection Sharing works.  Does the computer act as a router to the other device sharing off of it?  Or does it act as a switch?  In either case, since I don't know for sure, I would try another IP address scheme in the event that the computer acts as a router to the PS3.

Basically give the PS3 an IP address just like any other device, 192.168.137.x where x is any number with no conflicts.  However, this is where it changes, set the gateway IP address of the PS3 to the IP address of the PC.  In fact, I would also try putting the DNS IP information as the PC's IP address as well, as well as the router, as well as a known public DNS server when trying these combinations.

Let me know if this helps any or it doesn't.

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thanks for your input. I am not at home now but i will certainly try to set up the ethernet connection as you suggested and let you know. My laptop has a static IP and also I have made a MAC preference made for it in the modem/router.

The ethernet connection acts like a router, i suppose that is why you can program it with an IP address. I have no switch in my set up.

All modders I know use this type of connection which is called TMAPI and none of them has this problem but unfortunately each one has a different set up in the details so it is difficult to share experiences on a same level basis.

Lastly whether sony has done something like that or Rockstar for that matter is quite possible to be in their intentions. They fight modders because they drop money to players and this hinders their revenue. They continuosly upgrade their software to try to stop modding and if they find out you do it they ban console, accounts and psn account.

But i will keep you posted with the result of the new set up in few days, in the meantime I thank you for your input and assistance

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Dear Elite sorry for not replaying you earlier.

I have been testing by chance this week a method that seems to work but I dont know why and I would be interested to know your technical explanation.

When my ps3 freezes which is where the problem originated initially causing to lose the settings and revert back to Private networks only, this is what i do now.

1 switch off manually the ps3

2 disconnect my laptop from the internet by clicking on networks, active networks and disconnect

3 unplug the ethernet cable from the LAN port on my laptop

4 turno on ps3, go to network settings, internet connection and disable internet connection

5 switch off ps3

6 enable back internet connection on the lap top

7 turn on ps3 and enable back internet connection

8 when bot ps3 and lap top are ready i finally plug in the ethernet cable in the lap top. When i do this so far 100% the ps3 gets its IP address under the 137 range without failure.

So this is working opposite to just switch off the ps3 and turning it back on without making any changes. As i said i dont understand the reason why since the settings are identical in both cases.

I welcome your comments/input

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