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IT Andron

Is there a USB Jumper on the motherboard


is there any USB jumpers on the PC's motherboard? I am servicing a computer where the on board USB and the front panel USB is not recognizing anything. I am thinking either the jumpers or the motherboard is damaged. The settings in BIOS is fine. All necessary USB settings is enabled.

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Are the chipset drivers up to date?  Do the back USBs work?  There is no Jumper setting for USB ports.

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    • By jonoiv
      Hi all, first post here i hope someone can help.
      My first post here.  I have built PCs for a long time but this is my first real laptop repair and i've made a mistake.  I hope someone is able to help me out. 
      I could  buy a new power connector from china, but its like 20 euros, and the male part of the connector block seems to be stuck fast in the female.
      Some keys on my laptop (Sony Vaio SVT1312) stopped working,  started out just a few keys then slowly more and more keys failed to function.  I decided to try fitting a replacement from China,  all went well i was watching a video from youtube and in the video he just pulled the power connector to the motherboard out from the cable and it came out without a problem.  In my case i pulled from the wires and they came out from the connector. 
      I can reinsert the wires using some tweezers but the problem is I have no idea which wire goes to which pin.  Also I assume (probably wrongly)  that the 2 black wire are both negative and the same and the 2 red wires the same.   Also the connector block has 6 pin slots,  with only 4 wires it makes it even harder.  I figure that the middle 2 will be the empty ones and the outer 2 on each side for the pos and neg. 
      Looking at the photo im pretty sure the black wires were toward the top / far side and the red positive on the bottom / near side. 
      Does anyone have an idea if im on the right track?
      Thanks in advance to the members here and hopefully someone is able to help me out.

    • By Rigger89
      Hello I have a home built computer. Some components is not getting enough power such as the HDD. I replace the PSU and I still have issues. Last night my computer went to the NTLDR is missing screen. I recently unplugged two of my 3 internal Data HDD and just left the primary in and now I have no issues. Boot time was real slow when I had the other two HDD in and also I unplugged an internal card reader which that also was slowing boot times. I have an external HDD  that uses USB to power it but when I plug it in the front USB ports it gets a clicking sound, the HDD doesn't have enough power to spin the drive. ALL HDD work they were tested on an external HDD enclosure and plugged into another computer so its not HDD related. The only thing I can think of its a Motherboard issue? The PSU is new and it is doing the same thing as the old one so I ruled out PSU problems.
      Motherboard: Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
      Memory 8GB DDR 3
      CPU: AMD FX-8350 Eight Core Processor
    • By ASCII
      Hello, I would like to ask your opinion guys for more clarification before I'll buy a new Motherboard. I just don't wanna waste my money to buy a wrong component.

      Here is the scenario:

      After I played my favorite game CSGO, I shifted to my Google chrome window to browse my facebook (The CSGO is still on the background). Then suddenly, my PC turned off. Then whenever I tried to turn it on again, it will turn on for 2-3 seconds then it will automatically turn off again. 

      My first suspect is the PSU, so I replaced the PSU with my spare PSU. But same thing happened. I also tried to reset the BIOS of my motherboard but same thing still happened.

      I tried to remove the fans, RAM, GPU and also the CPU but same thing happened. I literally tried to remove all the attached things on my motherboard to know what is the problem.

      So the last suspect is just the motherboard. Since my motherboard is no longer under warranty, my uncle tried to wash it (he knows how to properly wash the motherboard because he's computer technician for so many years). But same thing still happened.

      Is there still any broken parts with that scenario? I just would like to clarify with more experts because I have only enough money to buy motherboard and I don't wanna waste it. I tried to search on some forums with similar symptoms, some of them said it's a shorted motherboard but some of them also said it can be CPU.

      Hoping for your answers and thanks in advance.

      Processor: i5 4590s Intel
      GPU: GTX 750 Ti GDDR5
      RAM: 1x8gb Kingston HyperX
      MOBO: H81M-DS2 Gigabyte
    • By Nafgynaffy
      Last night I came in to turn off my pc and I noticed the keyboard (corsair k70) wasn't lit up and neither was the m65 mouse. I'm not sure if I messed up the bios or what because after a little bit of tinkering the pc restarted and went to the American megatrends screen. It says. 0 keyboard detected 0 mouse and 0 drive. The keyboard now lights up but that's it. 

      The mobo is maximus ix code.. 

      I got the bios flash to work. The keyboard still isn't detected. Also the keyboard changes color as if its brand new. I tried the keyboard in my laptop and it worked fine. I've tried using both usb in usb 2.0 and only 1 in usb 3.0. I have no error codes on motherboard. I have also reset cmos using both the jumper and the button on the back of the mobo. I have read some mechanical keyboards don't work in bios for whatever reason so today I'm going to try and cheap one. Final step will be using a ps/2 and an adapter since the mobo doesnt support ps/2. Any one have any more ideas?
    • By gorgio_xarmani
      Hi, I have a lenovo laptop that comes out with both 1360x900 screen that has a 30 pin connector to the  side of the screen and a 1600x900 screen that has a 40 pin connector to the side of the screen, I have the 1600x900 version and I want to buy a new motherboard because the old one burnt out. Is the 1360x900 version motherboard is suitable for my version? Is the connector cable different in both ends for these two version or it's only the end that's on the side of the screen different?