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Keyboard not working after spill correctly


So I spilled something on my laptop keyboard and now my n, b, plus, back, refresh, volume up, down arrow, right alt, search, and power keys are't working.

After the spill I inverted the laptop, turned it off, let it drain, the disassembled it and rinsed the keyboard with distilled water and let it air dry. After putting it together, everything works except for those keys.

I have a Chromebook pixel 2015.

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You will have to replace the keyboard or use a USB one.  You will have to disassemble it to see what model keyboard it is so you can search for a replacement.

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    • By Nafgynaffy
      Last night I came in to turn off my pc and I noticed the keyboard (corsair k70) wasn't lit up and neither was the m65 mouse. I'm not sure if I messed up the bios or what because after a little bit of tinkering the pc restarted and went to the American megatrends screen. It says. 0 keyboard detected 0 mouse and 0 drive. The keyboard now lights up but that's it. 

      The mobo is maximus ix code.. 

      I got the bios flash to work. The keyboard still isn't detected. Also the keyboard changes color as if its brand new. I tried the keyboard in my laptop and it worked fine. I've tried using both usb in usb 2.0 and only 1 in usb 3.0. I have no error codes on motherboard. I have also reset cmos using both the jumper and the button on the back of the mobo. I have read some mechanical keyboards don't work in bios for whatever reason so today I'm going to try and cheap one. Final step will be using a ps/2 and an adapter since the mobo doesnt support ps/2. Any one have any more ideas?
    • By tjsocca
      Hey guys, 
      So I thought my old HDD failed (constant start/stop and blue screen) so I bought a new one (this is for ASUS X540LA). Installed WIN 10 OS and everything was working fine (I did all this while keyboard wasn't completely installed and pressed down into clips). I put the keyboard back on completely and on startup the laptop went straight to BIOS. The HDD is now making a very short scratching sort of noise on startup and goes to BIOS every time. Any ideas on what this might be? 
    • By gsoto
      The laptop's keyboard is acting strange. A couple of keys don't seem to work and pressing some keys will register as pressing other keys. Examples:
      Letters, numbers and numpad seem to work OK Windows key and Left Shift do nothing Function key (Fn) triggers 'a' Right Alt triggers '1' Right Ctrl triggers 'z' Left arrow triggers 'Caps Lock' if Num Lock is on and '[' if it's off Up arrow triggers Enter when Num Lock is off Delete key triggers '6' with Num Lock, 'm' without etc. The mapping is always the same. It doesn't randomly change. The bad behavior remains if I boot the PC from CD with a different OS and it's the same when using the BIOS setup.
      I thought the keyboard was malfunctioning so I bought a new one and replaced it. The problem persists.
      Could it be an issue with the motherboard's keyboard controller? A BIOS issue?
      I was thinking about installing this BIOS update http://support.lenovo.com/uy/en/downloads/ds101193 but it doesn't say it supports Windows 10. Would that be a problem?
      I'm quite lost at this point. Anything else I could check or try?
      Thank you in advance.
      Additional info
      Laptop: Lenovo Flex 2 15
      Model: 20405
      P/N: 59418268
      BIOS version: A0CN21WW
      OS: Windows 10
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      One of my clients has a ThinkPad which does this more often then not, and I figure I ask on here since my T61 that i use daily also does it off and on; could I dust off the keyboard using a duster, modify something in the setting or just replace the keyboard?  I notice it is a common issue with some ThinkPads I've worked on (T400, T410) with the exception of the X series...
    • By lixpas

      my girlfriend spilled some water (~50ml) on her laptop Acer Aspire V3-331. We immediately switched it off, flipped it upside down, opened, took out the battery and let it dry for 2 weeks. However, the keyboard and the battery don’t work properly anymore. I would like to find out whether the battery and keyboard themselves are broken or whether the problem is the MB.

      95% of the keys on the keyboard don’t work at all, only 7 keys work normally, other 8 are coupled in pairs.

      The battery worked fine for a day after putting the laptop back together, but the laptop suddenly switched off and ever since the battery is not charging and laptop only works connected to the power source. The orange LED battery indicator flashes constantly (~2s period), while the normal behavior would be continuous orange light for charging and green for fully charged. Windows 8 recognizes the battery only for about a minute (saying “Battery connected, not charging”) but as soon as I click on the icon, it changes into “No battery detected”.

      What I’ve done:
      I tried cleaning the contacts of the keyboard ribbon cable and the battery connector. I’ve measured the voltage across the mains of the battery, and it is very low (~2.5V). I couldn’t find a pinout, so I’m not sure, whether any of the other pins need to be connected to ground. The power adaptor gives 19.5V as it should, measured both directly and on the MB. I cannot check the BIOS battery status, as I can’t get into BIOS without the keyboard. For now, I disconnected the keyboard and battery and the computer works fine being constantly connected to power and with external BT keyboard.

      I’m not sure whether I should buy a new keyboard+battery or a new MB or try to fix either of them.

      Arguments for broken MB:
      -       both battery and keyboard seem physically fine, the battery’s not bulged
      -       the keyboard and the battery connector are sitting next to one another on the MB, which might not be a coincidence
      -       the battery is kind of recognized by the computer (the indicator is flashing)
      -       battery and keyboard cables are clean and not corroded
      -       it’s more probable that one thing broke than that two things broke simultaneously

      Arguments against:
      -       no signs of corrosion or burns
      -       everything else beside battery and keyboard works fine

      I also attach pictures of the whole insides of the laptop, the top and bottom of the MB, the connector in question, the battery and the keyboard with highlighted working and coupled keys (solid vs dashed line).
      Unfortunately I don’t have any professional equipment. What kind of tests would you suggest for me to try to find out what the problem is? Thank you for any help!