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Computer won't Reboot


Hello everyone,


About 10 days ago I decided to buy 1TB of memory because I kept uninstalling my games in order to download others and I had enough. I went online and bought the memory I already owned, but the 1TB version. I opened my computer and put it in, connecting all the cables like the other memory was connected. However, when I put my computer back together and plugged everything in, it wouldn't boot (up). I had done this a couple weeks before, but when I plugged in another cable from the power supply to the wall, it was fixed, so I presumed it was solved, well apparently not. After it didn't boot up I looked over the possible solutions and I have tried it all (I think)


I have tried the following:

- Plugged in into another outlet, to see if that would fix it

- Plugged in different cables (of the same type) from the power supply to the outlet

- Purchased and placed  new power supply into the computer

- Used a screwdriver to boot the pc without the start button

- checked for loose wires which should be plugged in



Nothing so far has worked and I don't know what might be the problem. If anyone knows the solution/has any suggestions, i'd love to hear them.

Kind regards,


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So you replaced the HDD in the computer?  Was there more than 1 HDD in there?  If not, the reason it will not boot is because Windows was installed on it and there isnt any Windows install on the new HDD you installed.

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20 minutes ago, Dr_Bob said:

So you replaced the HDD in the computer?  Was there more than 1 HDD in there?  If not, the reason it will not boot is because Windows was installed on it and there isnt any Windows install on the new HDD you installed.

I use SSD, but my power supply and case can hold up to 3, I just connected the new one to the ones the old one was also connected. I haven't installed windows on the new one (if i have to do that) since it hasn't booted up for me to install it.

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So you have an SSD that has Windows installed on it and another 1TB drive, which you just installed as a data drive, and it will not boot into Windows correct?


If so, jump into the BIOS and make sure that your SSD is the first boot device.

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Whenever someone has troubles with their PC I always recommend to try Impedio Security. It protects you from any malicious software. My PC kept crashing and I didn't know what's wrong because I cleaned it regularly. It came to that I had to delete my games and programs, cause I thought that was the problem. And then I got Impedio Security and it turned out that my computer was attacted by some virus. But I managed to restore my documents, photos and everything. I'm glad they came up with something so smart as Impedio Security :)

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