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Acer Aspire E5-575G-53VG turned off and doesn't boot


Good afternoon! I really hope that you will help me with my problem.
My Acer Aspire E5-575G-53VG yesterday suddenly turned off during operation, the case was slightly warm. The laptop was connected to the network and I noticed that it turned off when the battery was 100% charged. At the same time, all the power indicators were gently extinguished. After some time in the bag, the laptop was very hot - most likely it still worked. Now the laptop does not react to anything, it does not work, the power indicators do not turn on.
Any idea what to do about it? Thank you!

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Sounds like it may have still been on when you put it in the laptop bag.  This may have caused it to overheat and possibly damage some components within the laptop.  Best I can tell you to do at this point would be to remove the battery, hold down the power button for one minute, and let the laptop sit for a day without the AC adapter or the battery connected.  Try the following day with just the AC adapter connected and see if it tries to power on.

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You may try power drain procedure:

  • 1. Remove the ram sticks (Clean with a soft lint free cloth while they are out)
  • 2. Remove the power cord and battery
  • 3. Hold the power button for 58 seconds
  • 4. Replace everything.

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