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I have an old computer which is running very slow. Normally, it works fine but sometimes it become too slow to handle. Whenever I open 9-10 tabs in firefox or runs multiple softwares (average-to-medium-heavy designing applications), it goes unbearably slow. Firefox goes 'not responding', all applications goes 'not responding'. In fact, when I use firefox (with 3-4 tabs open) along with Microsoft Word and leave the computer running idle for 30 minutes and comes back and wake it up, even then both applications (or any other application, if running) goes 'not responding' one-by-one or together. It also happens if I watch any kind of video for more than 5 minutes.

It is Dual-core processor @ 2.7 GHz with only 1 GB of DDR2 800 MHz RAM running on Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit). Motherboard is Intel 965 Express Chipset Family. Usually, RAM usage goes to 90-95%+ and CPU usage remains at 10-20% and goes at a maximum of 60-70% while opening of a software, etc. Computer never hangs up and complete all the tasks it received, but just very slowly.

Now, I know that a minimum of 2 GB RAM is required on Windows 7, but now as the processor is also old, so I am confused here whether upgrading RAM will have any effect on its speed of handling processes or not. I do not play any games, so heavy duty processor is already not required to me. Still, I would think to change it, if required or suggested here.

Hence, could anyone please help me understand whether to further enhance RAM or just change the whole CPU to speed up my system.

I have tried to mention all the details I know. If there is any more questions, please feel free to ask.

An early advise is highly appreciated.

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These days, 4GBs of RAM is the lowest I would go. Look for your model at crucial.com and see if it can support that much and upgrade if you want the computer to be usable--assuming everything else is working normally and the hard drive is still good, upgrading the RAM will show a drastic improvement in performance. 


Is this one of those Netbooks that were a fad several years ago? If so, I would not bother upgrading. 

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    • I'm new to this forum and my technical knowledge is extremely limited!

      1) Does anyone know if Microsoft are going to produce a Windows 11? I have found only conflicting information on the Internet.

      2) I have found lots of Windows 10 books on the Internet. Any recommendations for a good basic book on Windows 10?

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      We pre-purchased and pre-installed the game Shadow of War on our gaming PC through Steam this week only to discover it would not launch when we clicked Play. I wanted to post our fix here in case anyone else searching the Web for clues to this needs help. 

      Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game (all 100gigs worth). 

      Tried rolling back the nVidia graphics driver.

      Tried cursing (made me feel better but did not fix the issue). 

      Scanned and verified the game from within Steam

      Ran sfc /scannow from the command line to make sure Windows was OK.

      I ultimately realized the issue was with Visual C++ Redistributable

      I had multiple version installed. Some we very old. I removed them all and installed Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 from here and that fixed it. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145

      If anyone else had problems and found different solutions, let us know. 
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    • By abcguy
      I will have to repost this, since my computer was way destroyed to do the diagnosis back then..

      Hello guys.
      I have a recurring hardware error since i got my pc and i have no solution, even professional techs couldn't give an answer.

      My pc composes of:
      *ECS MCP61M - M3    (motherboard)
      *AMD Phenom II X6 1050T (processor)
      *NVidia GeForce GTS 450 (graphics card)
      Ever since i got my pc, i was experiencing weird pixelations on the screen. There were small squares of weird pixel colors. The weird thing was that they were persistent, meaning when they appeared in a text document, if i scrolled down, they would move accordingly. (I thought it was a RAM corruption problem - perhaps a faulty RAM)
      Then the screen was getting black and restored and i was getting a message that the Nvidia graphics crashed and restarted. 
      So this went on and they replaced my graphics card (i had warranty). Then nothing changed and eventually they said even the new graphics card was burnt and i replaced it with this one (with its 450). But nothing changed.
      Other errors occurred too:
      *Computer crashed - eg when watching youtube videos - or other intensice activites (like video editing)
      *MOST COMMON - computer didn't boot. It didn't even go to the BIOS. No options, no white letters before the OS started booting up... Nothing. I had to restart many times till Windows starts.
      *Many times, after a crash, the 'sleep' option (hibernation) in windows was unavailable... The only way to fix this was to use windows retire, or to update the graphics card drivers
      *Sometimes, perhaps three times, not only was the sleep option unavailable, but the graphics were really messed up. Like running a system from three previous generations. Again this was fixable, either by using system restore or updating the graphics card drivers.
      *Sometimes the pc wont boot at al.. No LED, no fan. like there is a power failure. I disconnect the power plug, and reconnect and after some tries it boots again.
      *Sometimes the pc won't boot and the fan changes speed constantly (i can hear it).
      *After a regular boot, i very often received a message that windows created a temporary paging file.
      I used to think three things could be the problem:

      I thing three things could be a problem:
      *Motherboard (obvious thought because many things in the errors)
      *RAM (i thought due to computer crashes and weird pixelation - but doesn't make sense because a)computer didn't boot and RAM is irrelevant, b)graphics card have their own memory, so no DMA accesses that involves RAM)
      *HDD (Due to problems fixed with graphics card update, or the unavailability of sleep function was perisstent. But still, if that was the case, the computer should be able to boot BIOS, the error would be in loading the OS or stuff from the hdd)
      *Power supply. This is my latest thought. Perhaps there is a power failure. Bear in mind, the peripherals of my computer are from respectable companies, the only one of lesser quality is the power supply which comes from a greek company that has many hardware that just fails. So maybe it is just this? And the power supply failure propagates failure to all systems?
      After these speculations, i used UBCD and tested my RAM modules. They turned out to be OK.
      I post pictures of my PSU module.
      Also i post pictures of some of the errors (as attachment)
      Finally i post the output of speecy.
      Thanks a lot!

    • By jschulist92
      Hey guys, pretty newbie PC builder here as this is my first ever PC.
      I got a little bit of an issue. I've got a new gaming pc I built about a month ago, and last night while browsing the web it just restarted and put itself in a BSOD loop. I couldn't access bios, it would just keep restarting. I powered it off and decided to worry about it in the morning. This morning I turned it on and my mobo started a recovery thing on its own, where it took me to a screen to restore windows 10. I chose to wipe all files and install a clean win10, when that installation got to about 30% my pc just rebooted again. Now I can at least access bios, and I reset all settings to default, but when I "Save & Exit" my bios it goes to a black screen where I can still see my cursor if I move my mouse, but my keyboard LED's keep restarting and it goes no where past that black screen.

      I have tried resetting cmos, resetting bios, I unplugged and reattached all of my hard ware including switching my ram to the 2 other slots. At a complete loss here as to what to do. Everything powers up and all of the lights come on but I just can't seem to boot.

      So I wound up just wiping the ssd and doing a fresh install of windows by USB, I was able to get on my pc and update all drivers when it started a BSOD loop again. I figured I'd try to install windows on my HDD in case it was my ssd causing the issue, so unplugged my ssd. When I went to boot up my windows 10 USB I got bsod again.. I left it be over night, turned it on this morning and was able to make it to the install screen.

      My pc specs are
      GTX 1070
      Msi krait gaming x3
      16gb TridentZ 3200 MHz ram
      240gb Transcend SSD as my boot drive
      Evga 650w 80+ gold psu

      Please help me! I am at a complete and utter loss as to what this issue could be..... Short of going out and buying all new hardware one by one, which I REALLY do not want to do unless I know exactly what the issue is! I have attached images of a few of the errors I get when it is stuck in a BSOD restart loop.

    • By Ghostly
      Hello, I've bought a computer from a friend of mine, everything was nice for a year but sometimes when I booted my computer up, nothing would show up on the screen, and my computer made no warning sounds. After a while when I tried to boot up the PC it would start and restart without anything on the screen on an interval of like 20 seconds or so. I called my friend to help me out and we spent some time fiddling with the wires thinking they were not properly connected but to no avail, then he decided to take one of the ram cards out and it worked, the computer was working again. We tried to see if the ram was faulty but if we switched them out it would still work. I have 2, 2 GB 1333  RAM cards, could the slot be the problem? It just stopped working our of nowhere, I tried looking this up on multiple forums but found nothing, so I decided to make my own thread. I have to idea what might have caused this, I tried cleaning the slot -- nothing -- but now, I place the RAM and the computer starts up, but it still shows me that I have only 2 GB of RAM. I have read that it may be used by other hardware but it just shows:  "Installed memory (RAM): 2.00 GB". I've saved my DxDiag info if it may be of any help. I am also wondering if it may be a visual glitch, I tried entering bios to check it out but if I press Del I end up in cmos, if I press F2 I end up in Windows Boot Manager, the same for F1 and F10. Any reply is welcome, thank you for your time and attention.
    • By MsTeeq
      I used to use righttocopy but the person who made it deleted the firefox extention. I use it to copy and paste stories from fanfiction.net. Is there another extention like that, that is easy to use?
    • By leonardo.monteiro
      Hello, everybody!
      I'll go straight to the point: when I try to open a web browser, e.g. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, a black, small window pops up for a split second and then Internet Explorer shows up instead of the browser that should have opened. I have no idea of what's going on haha
      It's an old notebook, Windows 7 professional. I'm not sure about the version of the browsers, the notebook belongs to an uncle of mine.
      Thanks in advance.