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My IMac lately has been having problems, when I boot it up the screen does the normal white flash all Macs do, but then the rest of it is just a black screen non-lit. And that's the farthest it'll go. I can't access CMD or boot in safe-mode. The only problem I can think of is a corrupted harddrive but I can't access the inside of it currently. (Need Suction Cups) my temps are bad so I wouldn't be surprised if I have anything fried, my CPU has been at 87 and 93 temps before, and yes I do game with a Mac it was a gift when I was 13 back in 2011. I'd like to know if anyone else knows the problem before I spend more money on a dead machine.

IMac All-in-one. Hardware if needed*

Intel i52500s

AND Raddeon 6770S HD

8gb of ram

Harddrive I have no clue.

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Yea the first thing you should have done was take it apart when it was getting hot and fix that issue with new thermal paste and a cleaning.  It is entirely possible that the heat fried something.  You can try running the diagnostics on your HDD and RAM here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201257


Without knowing if you have a bad HDD or not we cant really go much further with the diagnostics.

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