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Keep hackers off. no wifi no ethernet adapter

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 I all i'm new here and hope i'm in the right place to find a right answer to my question. .

lately i'm concerned about highly sophisticated hackers hacking into my computer. when i say 

highly sophisticated i mean hackers that have very latest tech , tricks under their sleeves which 

allows them to mess about with mycomputer regardless if you are connected to internet or not.

my question is not about why i think it might happen to me or not but rather i want to know if you take out of computer

 ethernet , wireless adapter or whatever adapter it is that enables computer to be internet

capable would top notch hackers still be able to find a way into the pc if they wanted to ?



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I can't speak about top notch hackers because who knows what they are capable of, but I don't see how they can get into your computer if you remove all networking and Bluetooth capabilities--unless they had physical access to the computer. 

This is an interesting topic and I am curious what others would have to say in this matter. Stay tuned. 

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Without internet/bluetooth connectivity there is no way to "remote control" a PC.  You definitely need to disable or turn off Bluetooth/wifi to avoid a forced pairing or internet sharing.

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