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Firefox Quantum 57 & Win 7. "Secure Connection Failed"

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Dear PC Tech Bytes Experts:
Hello! Could you please help me? I am not sure whether this is a malware problem or simply an internet browser issue.
About a week or so ago, my Firefox automatically updated to Firefox 57, Quantum. I have Windows 7. I noticed that websites were loading more slowly.
Yesterday, I was surfing as usual and suddenly I got 2 blue screen crashes within a 2 or 3 hour period. I had to restart Windows each time. I ran Spybot as well as CC Cleaner (cleaning up the registry as well). I tried to do a system restore as well. Then I noticed that, although I can gain access to the internet (the firefox home page), I cannot gain access to any other website.
Each time I try to open a page, the new Firefox ball wags back and forth, like it's taunting me, and then finally the message "Secure Connection Failed" / "Problem loading page" comes up.
I tried to go through the troubleshooting steps on the firefox website, checking extentions and plugins. I ckecked my firewall and i do see MozillaFirefox listed.
I am not able to clear history, because for that I need internet connectivity or workable browser, right? I also cannot refresh firefox or download a new version of firefox. How does one install an internet browser when one does not have an internet browser?
Could this be Malware, do you think?
I have had both MalwareBytes (the paid version) running the whole time, as well as the free anti-virus program "Commodo". However, I believe I did see Malware warning messages flashing up a few times yesterday.
I don't know a lot about computers. Could someone please walk me through a series of Troubleshooting Steps until we fix this problem, i.e. until I have an internet browser that works? I am a full-time researcher and writer, so the sooner we can fix this, the better. This is my only computer, so I must work in an internet cafe until I get my computer working again. I am feeling extremely anxious. Thank you so much, in advance, for your help!

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Hi Stephanie, 

You do not have Internet Explorer installed on your computer? 

The error sounds like a man in the middle attack. So, for example, if you were going to a site that has https: connection and there was an issue with the certification, it could be that someone or something is interrupting your packets and causing the connection to fail. Hope that makes sense. 


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CCleaner can remove your cookies, history, temp files from browsers and OSes.  Its free to use.  As Dave mentioned, use IE to download it.  Also download FF and uninstall it and reinstall from the download.

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Thank you! 

Well, I now know that all browsers do not work. Both Opera and Internet Explorer also do not work. I usedd CCCleaner to clear the cache.
If this is a virus. could you possibly guide me through a troubleshooting process to get the virus removed?
I have had Malwarebytes (paid version) and Comodo anti-virus running the whole time. I don't know how I could have caught a virus. 
Any help would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks again.

I also uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox. Still doesn't work.

I will try rkill next. Thanks.

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My signature shows all the programs I usually use to clean a system.  If you still do not have a functioning browser, how did you re-download FF and how did you get CCleaner?  Or does IE work but still give that error?

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