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Computer Freezes except Mouse


So ive had my computer for a little under a year and haven't had this problem till recently, ill be in the middle of a game or playing a youtube video and my computer will freeze but i can still move my mouse. I have windows 10 and a custom built pc. 

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Get openhardwaremonitor from openhardwaremonitor.org and see what your temps are.  Post them here.  What is the make and model of the PC or the components within it?

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    • By ASCII
      Hello, I would like to ask your opinion guys for more clarification before I'll buy a new Motherboard. I just don't wanna waste my money to buy a wrong component.

      Here is the scenario:

      After I played my favorite game CSGO, I shifted to my Google chrome window to browse my facebook (The CSGO is still on the background). Then suddenly, my PC turned off. Then whenever I tried to turn it on again, it will turn on for 2-3 seconds then it will automatically turn off again. 

      My first suspect is the PSU, so I replaced the PSU with my spare PSU. But same thing happened. I also tried to reset the BIOS of my motherboard but same thing still happened.

      I tried to remove the fans, RAM, GPU and also the CPU but same thing happened. I literally tried to remove all the attached things on my motherboard to know what is the problem.

      So the last suspect is just the motherboard. Since my motherboard is no longer under warranty, my uncle tried to wash it (he knows how to properly wash the motherboard because he's computer technician for so many years). But same thing still happened.

      Is there still any broken parts with that scenario? I just would like to clarify with more experts because I have only enough money to buy motherboard and I don't wanna waste it. I tried to search on some forums with similar symptoms, some of them said it's a shorted motherboard but some of them also said it can be CPU.

      Hoping for your answers and thanks in advance.

      Processor: i5 4590s Intel
      GPU: GTX 750 Ti GDDR5
      RAM: 1x8gb Kingston HyperX
      MOBO: H81M-DS2 Gigabyte
    • By MehdiSaffar
      My 4 year-old SAGER laptop has been acting weird these past 5 to 6 months. It freezes COMPLETELY / hard hangs randomly when I use it. Sometimes 10 to 15 mins after booting it up, sometimes 24h later The mouse and keyboard do not respond. When I press the CAPS LOCK key the light on the keyboard does not flip on/off. Ctrl-Alt-Del does not work obviously. Nothing is responsive anymore. The only button that works is the one that turns the screen on/off. I believe that button shortcuts the operating system and does that straight to the screen. The only way is to hard reset the laptop by pressing on the shutdown button for 4 seconds.
      Yesterday was the longest time my laptop stayed without freezing, almost 72h. I was really happy but intrigued that it worked for so long. I had done a cleanup on the fan 3 days before so maybe it was that.. Then it froze again.
      Again I wasn't doing any different that the last times that it froze. It freezes no matter what I do. Whether I just booted up windows 10 and let it idle, or just browsing on Chrome, or programming, or doing 3D work on Blender.
      The things that I have tried:
      Memtest86+ overnight. 9 Passes, no error sfc /scannnow. No error Prime95 torture test on the CPU. No problem Heaven Unigine benchmark on the GPU on highest resolution and ULTRA setting. No problem. Updating driver of NVIDIA to the latest available version, as well as resetting it to the version of the driver my laptop was shipped with. Seems to have no effect. Because it is not a bluescreen, I cannot seem to find any log. The only thing logged in the event viewer is that I hard reset my computer :

      I cannot find any pattern to its freezing and it makes me so frustrated. I need this laptop to work since I will be starting engineering undergraduate this year. I discussed with my parents about a new laptop but it seems out of question.
      Here are my specs:
      Clevo W650SR
      4th Gen Intel Core i7-4700MQ (2.40GHZ), 6MB L3 Cache
      2x4GB Dual Channel DDR3
      Intel GMA HD GPU
      NVIDIA Geforce GT 750M GPU, 2GB DDR3 with NVIDIA Optimus 1.2
      1TB HDD
      Windows 10 64bit (Professional I believe)
    • By AlexHenning
      I just rebuilt my PC and put in a second 500 GB SSD along with a 1080 GPU, new motherboard and in i5. For some reason when I try to play The Division I get a message saying that I don't meet the minimum requirements to play the game for some reason which I know is not true. I've updated drivers but that didn't work. Should I try to reinstall the game? thanks
    • By itschrisblake
      Hey guys!
      My GTX 950 keeps crashing, going to black screen and then coming back coming up with "Kernel error" most of the times it only happens when playing games usually Runescape (really not that graphics heavy, c'mon) 
      My only temporary fix I have found is to change my fan speed to a custom curve of 50/50 using EVGA Precision X
      This buys me some time but it will still eventually crash.
      My worry is if I am doing any bossing and it does it I could lose items in game. 
      On crash it seems as if when I open up Geforce Experience to check what gpu I have it shows up blank with just a "-" Even when opening Precision X again it shows no numbers; Temp, Fan speed, etc. Which sometimes leads me to restart the PC to get it back up and running. 
      My comp:
      CPU: AMD A8-7600 Radeon R7, 10 Compute Cores 4C+6G 3.10Hz
      RAM: 8GB
      GPU: GTX 950
    • By shpoople
      gtx 1060 3gb
      Intel core i5 6500
      8gb ram
      mini-ITX H110

      Hi, I could use some help on this. My computer isnt running as it should. I just installed a new mother board, graphics card, and Processor recently and ran very well for a bit, now after a month or so, it's slowed down quite a bit. Playing a game like fallout 4 ran very smoothly at first, now i'm around 30 average Fps for some reason. And it just generally takes a long time to open and do random things on this system too. 

      I scanned for viruses, using rogue killer, nothing.
      In game, the processor ran at an average of 60% and the GPU never went over 40%. I don't know if these are normal, but they seem like they shouldn't be.

      I was thinking of restoring to factory and/or installing a new hard drive. The hard drive I am currently using shoots up to 100% usage a lot and is around six years old I think.