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Unable to Take Ownership or Delete Folders


Hello all,

I was recently infected by a number of viruses. While I have removed a number of them, there are multiple unknown processes that I am unable to access or delete through any means. There are two files in question: scavmnu.exe and pwitvmdsvc.exe. I have attempted to delete these files via Unlocker and Boot Deleter, to no avail. I have also attempted to gain ownership of these files through the Properties>Security tab, command prompt, PSExec (icacls), and a context menu registry addition to "Gain Ownership", to no avail.

Also, I have tried deleting these processes via Linux with the drive still online - access denied. Any attempts to view the properties of these files within Security Task Manager is met with Access Denied. Also, it seems that the "pwitvmdsvc.exe" file I am completely unable to view in Windows Explorer, even with hidden and system files shown. The only activity I have seen that seems threatening is traffic over ports 80 and 8080 to a few server companies. See screenshots of Process Explorer and Security Task Manager.




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If I was in your shoes I would cut bait, back up all my important files and format the drive and reinstall Windows.  I know that seems like a lot but it is the best way to know 100% that you are clean and not passing information to some server via a backdoor.

You can try running the programs in my signature in that order and see if it helps but I would still recommend a clean install.

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