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No Bootable Device Found during Startup


I was trying to reset my laptop password with pre-created password reset disk. It was made by Rufus and when I inserted it to locked computer and boot from it,  the computer says 'no bootable device found'. What does this mean? burning failed or something else?

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I would try a different bootable disk you know works.  If it will boot from it then the disk made by Rufus is either bad or incorrectly made.

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On 1/16/2018 at 4:50 AM, Dr_Bob said:

I would try a different bootable disk you know works.  If it will boot from it then the disk made by Rufus is either bad or incorrectly made.

Currently, I am using Offline NT Password & Registry Editor. Do you know any reliable alternatives? thanks

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That is my go to.  I use it off of the Ultimate Boot CD though and not its own ISO.

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