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Supermum 48

The USB port on my Seagate External portable Hard Drive broken USB port

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Hi everyone. Could someone please help. My 11 year old son has somehow managed to break the usb port part on his Seagate 2TB External portable drive. He has been using it on his Xbox One to store games etc. Is there something I can do to replace the USB port or failing that, to get the stored data off of the drive? Any help and support will be gratefully received as my son is really upset. Many thanks in advance. 

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What is the model of the Seagate drive?  We can likely link you a disassembly guide.  You will need to disassemble it to either remove the HDD and extract the data or to fix the USB port. 

Assuming it is a USB type B port: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Brand-New-5-pcs-USB-Port-2-0-Connector-Type-B-Female-Replacement-Solder-Printer/110894458294?hash=item19d1d325b6:g:t~0AAOSwG-1Ww-zo

You would just need to know how to solder to fix assuming it is just the port that is broken and not the board.

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