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Unable to setup the Belkin Wireless router?

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I purchased new Belkin wireless router and I have to know idea how to set up so please help me what kind of steps I should follow.

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What is the model of the router? What is your current setup? Do you already have a modem and router? Are they separate or a combo modem and router? Who is your ISP?

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    • By MadameSecretary
      Model: Lenovo THINKPAD YOGA 14 - 20FY0002US     SKU: 4456400    Running Windows 10. I bought this computer in January and have had this problem since then.
      I cannot use my home WiFi unless I sit literally right next to my router. No other devices in the house have an issue. I cannot connect to the WiFi in the homes of my friends either. My computer will show that it is connected, but there is no internet access. I can, however, generally connect to my school's WiFi.
      I have updated my wireless card drivers via this link:
      I have reset winsock (what ever that means) through command prompt. This seemed to work, but only for a couple hours?
      I'm not very tech literate, but I can follow steps. I cannot live right next to my router. Please help. I'm going insane.
    • By ocpg
      I've moved house about half a year ago and had taken a TP-LINK N750 router with me that had provided me with amazing internet speed and uptime. However, as of a few months I've been having issues browsing the web. At an interval of around 30 minutes the internet seems to go out for anywhere between 3 to 10 seconds. The weird thing is that things like skype calls and teamspeak and even most online games function perfectly fine during the period where all browsers can't load a page.
      So it seems fairly obvious that there is not an actual "physical" failure with the router but rather some software/internet protocol stuff going on. Which is something I'm absolutely not familiar with.
      My roommates have this on both their PC's and mobile devices. My own PC is hooked up by cable instead of using the routers WiFi so it's not the WiFi itself as far as I can tell.

      Does this sound familiar to anyone, or does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix it? (Already reset and updated the router several times and reset the modem that it has before it as well.)

      If you need any more information I'll be glad to provide it. Thanks in advance.
      TL;DR : Browser related internet stutters for around 10 seconds at intervals between 20 to 30 minutes, skype calls and online gaming is fine during this period. Router is a TP-Link N750 and the modem has a logo from "UPC" on it. Tried restarting, resetting and even flashing firmware to no avail. Thanks in advance.
    • By XtrGamer
      While gaming online, I want to connect my laptop to my router via an Ethernet cable and switch off the Wi-Fi so none of my bandwidth is wasted on other people in the room watching shit videos on Whatsapp . For some reason, I am unable to find the option in NETGEAR genie, there is no option to disable wifi radio below the option to disable SSID, there is however the option to enable wifi isolation (which is supposedly very rare). Could it be a problem with my router? (a very basic one, iBall Baton 150M)

      There is an added complication, I live in a duplex flat and the satellite dish is upstairs, connected to a main router, which is connected to a wifi modem-thingy (it has two antennae) via Ethernet which somehow sends the signal downstairs, which is picked up by my router (my laptop is downstairs) and which is what I use for gaming. So basically there are two Wifi connections that show up, one for the upper floor and for the bottom, but I have only one internet plan.

      By disabling Wifi (if I can manage this) will it prevent the connection reaching from top to bottom?

      If I haven't explained this properly, please ask me for additional details. I do not know the difference between modem and router, if there is one.
    • By MrDeev
      Hello, i have a question, i want to limit bandwith speed on specific pc in my home which is connected to internet via wifi.. i have acess to router and i can aceess to default gateway which is but i dont know what to type in, so i can limit its internet speed,.. (that MAC adress whis is on picture is that one which i want to limit its speed.all i want from you peple is to help me fill in the needed information( see picture) And, im really sorry for my bad english but im from slovakia and im just learning  thanx PIC:
    • By dofmyk
      I've encountered this new problem with my desktop computer. One day when i was playing a video game, my internet just shutdown, when i tried to get it back on it would just show a little cross, and the windows problem search only said an ethernet cable is missing, but it was and is plugged in excactly the way it worked b4 the problem. We have one main router downstairs, but we have another router upstairs which is connected to the router downstairs. I use the one upstairs. The router upstairs, which i use, when i put in my ethernet cable it just disconnects and sometimes connect for a small amount of time. But it wont stay connected enough for me to actually do something online. But the weird thing is, i can take the cable from downstairs and up to my computer directly and that works all fine. But in my house we are many who share the same internet so i cant occupy the cable. But i also had this problem in my device manager it showed me that it was something wrong with Pseudo Tunnel Interface, can that be related to the problem? Ty for helping me out.