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I have Huawei Y6 pro 

i cant root this mobile i used popular software cause a kingo root and i root but is not working 

Any idea?

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Hi, You should to do all step be cerfully,
This Learner Tested on TIT-AL00, TIT-U02, TIT-L01
1- You should unlock bootloader (This training is available in forum)
2-Download PreRoot Stock Rom (Link is under)

3-You should copy the rom zip file on your SD card.
4-Install custom recovery in the name cwm ( Link is under)

5-You should go to recovery mod and wipe menu, wipe data and go back to menu and go to munt... and format System and go back to menu
6-You should 
install the RomInstall zip... and select the PreRoot Stock Rom) and waiting for install be finish
7-Your phone boot after 5 until 8 minute but phone have 2 bug that you should solve that
8-Install Root Explorer (File attached)
9-You should download two file in the name firmware.rar and mddb.rar and extract both files and copy two folders on /System/etc/ with Root Explorer ( files link is under)


10-You should restart your phone
11-Ok, First bug be solve now and seconde bug is IMEI invalid
12-You should download Repair IMEI MT6735p.apk (Files link is under) and install it

13-Open the app and go to tab4, In here you see two fild, Type you IMEI1 to first place and tocj under button and then you should give root verify to appand toch on the button. After that you should repeat up command for IMEI2
14-Restart your phone
15-FINISHED, Enjoy that


Adrian Gates

Sr. Developer - Apps4Rent

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Thanks a lot Adrian Gates!!!  and i am sorry because i could not Answer to you for long time 

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